The Roloffs are coming back…oh great – Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff together again…well, they never parted!

July 4, 2011

The media whores known as the Roloff family are coming back to TV! Yes the same people that used to arrogantly say they didn’t do the show to be celebrities or for the money begged and clawed there way back to whatever TLC would give them.Less than a year of being off tv, the Roloffs can’t live without some TLC money and attention.

According to people and sites that know more than me, after failing to convince TLC to give them a free vacation to somewhere huge like Australia, TLC is filming them at the LPA party in Anaheim.

Everyone’s favorite bigoted animal abusing lying hypocrite jerk (Jeremy Roloff), brought his security blanket as predicted. Yep yep yep. Jacob Mueller went with Jeremy.

Seriously, what is up with that? 21 years old and they can’t spend 2 days apart. Everywhere Jeremy goes, he needs to take Mueller. The rare time Mueller didn’t go with him, all Jeremy did was whine about how he wished Mueller was with him.

Btw, AWESOME detailed information article about Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff from the Spiritswander blog. A must read with lots of info about Mueller:


Jeremy Roloff caught being a jerk…again

July 17, 2010

What’s new? Not much, Jeremy Roloff caught once again being a jerk. This time Zach is on the elitist behavor too. They went on a cruise where they were spoiled to the nines that they’re going to attempt to make it look like charity for Haiti, but other people on the cruise report that Jeremy was a jerk.

Everything I already knew about him. He’s as fake as a 3 dollar bill. He’s arrogant and he ridicules people when he thinks people can’t hear him.

Jerk extraordinaire! That’s Jeremy Roloff.

These are pictures from the cruise I took the last last week of June 2010. The ship is called Oasis of the Seas and its amazing!

It’s like having the best part of cities all over the place on a boat. There is a section that looks like the Boardwalk and Central Park. There is rock climbing and a zip line. An aqua theatre, comedy club, restaurants, shops, ice cream parlor, promenades, pizzerias. It’s unbelieveable!

This was the first real trip we ever took. Its my parents 20th anniversary later this year. They wanted to do something special for the family, Oasis of the Seas it was!

Amy, Zack and Jeremy Roloff were there too from the show Little People Big World. I had no idea they would be there but I guess they were on a celebrity cruise for Amy, but Jeremy and Zack didn’t act like it.

I thought it was cool at first but not for long because I soon realized they are jerks. I talked to Amy once, she was nice. My parents had a long talk with her. They liked her. She seemed cool. A friend of hers Gail, was my favorite. She was a super nice lady.

Jeremy and Zack are not nice. They are jerks. They were nothing like I thought they would be from watching their show. I thought they would be normal and down to earth cool. They are not at all. They are rich snobs that make fun of people, talk behind peoples backs and act like they are so much better.

They had a signing for a couple of hours near the end, the picture at 1:48 is from it, but mostly I saw them around the cruise all the time.

They are so fake. If someone came up to them they would half smile and say hi. Then they walk away and make fun of people. My family was at the table behind them once when they were doing it. By the way, Jeremy is very LOUD when he is being his real self. I also heard them talk by the elevators too.

Almost everytime I saw Jeremy, a brown haired girl he met on the cruise was with him. She is the girl in the picture at 0:38 They were very cozy with each other and giggling like couples do. She is nice looking and she’s rich. I heard it was their 24th cruise or something. Trust me, you can tell who lives in the cruise world all the time and who doesn’t. That’s what the Roloffs flock to, at least Jeremy and Zack. Amy seemed cool.

That’s what I have to say about the Roloffs. Amy was nice, but Jeremy and Zack are douchebags. They act like there are two classes. They act like they were born to be apart of the upity privileged crowd. They obviously forget they weren’t and only were on the cruise because normal people think they are down to earth regular working people. I’m not rich and didn’t fit in with a lot of the people who do the cruises all the time like Jeremy’s girlfriend seems to. Then again I’m not white and Jeremy has said a bunch of racist stuff before so…

Jeremy and Zack act like they are so much better, like they are way up there and other people down there. They hang out with the rich and the beautiful. I think it’s a joke how their show is supposed to be about not judging people on looks and appearances and to look inside. They are only interested in hanging out with the rich and the pretty people. They gave me the “oh hi…you’re nothing and now go away” attitude. Now that I know what they are like I will never watch their fake show again.

Someone was asking me what about the Haiti relief trip? I didn’t even know anything about it. Lol. Nobody in my family knew and neither did any of the other people I talked to. We docked in Labadee, Haiti on the beach. It was really nice. Some people did some water sports. I don’t know if the Roloffs did something on their own, but the rest of the ship didn’t. Whatever they did it couldn’t have been for long. We docked in Haiti in the morning and left, I don’t know 5 or 6, in the evening.

That’s my advice. If you can ever afford to go on the Oasis of the Seas, do it. It was awesome. There is so much to do. It has a whole city on the ship and everything is beautiful. But it is super expensive. Most of the costs to do things aren’t included. The service is great, but you’re expected to tip huge and after 7 days it adds up. Unless someone in my family wins, the lottery I won’t be going on it again! Just try to make sure you don’t go with spoiled brats from a fake reality tv show because Jeremy and Zack Roloff are jerks.

Jeremy Roloff: He’s known as a douche bag bigot jerk…with a cute ass?

July 7, 2010

Ha. This was classic.

Jeremy and his mom and brother have been doing what Roloffs always do. Scam free vacations by trying to make it look like they are helping or doing charity work.

They pranced around on the Biggest Cruise ship in the world. It had one stop in Haiti. The Roloffs pretended like the whole cruise was to help Haita.

Only the Roloffs would sink so low that they try to make a lavish vacation into a charity event that they can get praised for. But that’s apparently what Christians like the Roloffs do.

The good part! Some girl that was also taking her vacation (and unlike the Roloffs, she called it a vacation, not a charity trip! LOL) took pictures of said douche bag Jeremy Roloff.

A summary of the reaction by the most popular Roloff blog:

I’ll summarize. That is Jeremy Roloff’s reputation. Congratulations 20 year old Jeremy be proud. lol. Nearly everybody thinks Jeremy is top notch douche bag. Most people don’t like him because they don’t like racists, homophobes and bigots that don’t even have the balls to apologize and man up to it. The only thing people can say other than that they don’t like him because he’s a jerk is that they like his ass.

Most people hate Jeremy because he’s a bigot, a racist and homophobe. An overall douche bag that insults his own fans and thinks nothing of lying constantly, but still acts like he is a moral Christian living for Jesus.

The only positive thing anyone can ever say about Jeremy is that they like his ass. Seriously you know you fail as a person when the only positive thing people can say about you is “I like the way his butt looks”.

Be proud Jeremy Roloff. That’s what you mean to the world. A bigoted jerk, known for trashing people and lying and hiding behind daddy for everything, but hey, people think you have a cute butt. Be proud Jer Bear!

Jeremy Roloff's's the only positive thing anyone ever says about this douche bag jerk

Hilarious racist Jeremy Roloff and Mueller video

June 22, 2010

I love this. Funniest thing I’ve seen and read in ages. LOL

The description makes it:

Racist Jeremy Roloff caught chasing a little black boy!

TLC reality star on Little People, Big World, Jeremy Roloff and his best friend Jacob Mueller, were caught chasing a terrified little screaming black boy away from their private resort while on a vacation. Witnesses say the unidentified boy managed to escape from Roloff and Mueller unharmed.

The episode entitled “Hey Mueller, look! It’s a little black boy, lets chase him!” is expected to be televised during the sixth season of Little People, Big World in the fall. The season will begin with the conclusion of Matt Roloff heart attack hoax. In the finale of the fifth season, Matt Roloff spoke at length about being dead very soon. They ended the season showing Roloff on the floor. Many fans thought the little man had suffered a heart attack or even died. In reality, it was dizzy spell caused by vertigo that did not even require a hospitalization. It is widely considered to be a cheap publicity stunt orchestrated by the Roloffs and producers to revive sagging ratings..

Jeremy Roloff and his best friend Jacob Mueller are best known for their numerous racial and homophobic slurs that got Jeremy branded a white Christian bigot in a 2008 article — Big Bigot In The Land of The Little People. Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller are also infamous for insulting fans of Little People, Big World.

Everyones favorite reality tv show shirtless jerk and hypocrite, Jeremy Roloff is now 20

June 20, 2010

Jeremy Roloff is 20 years old now. He’s not been a teenager for over a month now. Let me assess where he is in life.

He is exactly where he was when he was 18 and for that matter, when he was 16, 14 12 and 10 years old.

Sad but true. A day in the life of Jeremy James Roloff is a lil bit of school and then he plays like a 10 year old.

I’m not being sarcastic either. At 20 that is Jeremy Roloff’s life. A little bit of community college and play time with friends. No job. Just free time everyday playing video games, making fires, going hiking, playing soccer (not competitively though because that would take work and when things get tough Jeremy quits). No job, just a slacker.

You can argue that LPBW is a job. He makes easy money. Very true. For that, something he gets paid and has full control of signing the contract, he takes on no responsibility. He has much responsibility as 13 year old brother Jacob Roloff.

Jeremy still completely ignores and insults his own  fans behind their backs (who btw I must say are the stupidest people in the world to like such a jerk who has been caught saying they “suck the unsuckable”).

That is where Jeremy Roloff is at age 20. Taking the easy way. Coasting on this free ride that daddy Matt Roloff has set up – sliding by at being lazy because his parents and Zach have dwarfism. Playing like a child without any work on his own because it’s easy and the selfish thing to do.

All that and combine that with his actions that have earned him a reputation for being racist gay bashing bigot and guy who insults his own fans that have enabled his lifestyle of lazy self-indulgence, a known hypocrite and liar. The only positive thing that anyone ever says about him or the only reason why he even has “fans” or anyone who doesn’t see him for what he really is, is people who think he’s “cute”. And that ain’t no accomplishment either.

That is how Jeremy James Roloff is at 20 years old.  A slacker that trots around trying to be shirtless eye candy. He can’t even successfully do that by showing any responsibility by supporting his “job” by creating some goodwill with the fans of he show.

At 20, he’s still not responsible enough in his parents or employer’s (Discovery TLC) eyes to speak for himself.

Jeremy Roloff always does what is easy and what is fun for Jeremy Roloff. That’s why Jeremy at 20 is sitting home in his messy room, relying on mommy to wake him up,  cook his breakfast (in absence of Amy, it’s a private cook) while he sits on the couch scratching himself and then ventures out to play with his playmate friends as though he was a wee little child.

20 year old Jeremy Roloff. Living at home in his room, with no job, scratching himself on the couch. This will be followed by Jeremy playing with his friends like a 10 year old.

Matt Roloff and TLC health scare and collapsing hoax

June 19, 2010

So those Christian Roloffs were at it again. Lying and tricking and deceiving people again in search of higher ratings. That ultimately means more money for themselves.

The Roloffs like to pretend that their show is about education. Seriously what they’ve taught me is that most Christians like the Roloffs deseparately lack morals, character, honesty and overall, they suck as people.

Do Christians like the Roloffs believe that Jesus Christ would sit back and laugh with them as they trick stupid people who trust them into getting all upset worrying whether Matt Roloff is ok? That’s an example of Christian values apparently.

I’m of course talking about the lowlife season finale of Little People Big World. For the entire episode Matt goes on and on about his death. Then in a laughable and lowlife scene, they end the season with Matt on the floor and Golden Boy Jeremy standing over him in monoton voice “Dad? Hey Dad?”

Then stupid people that believed the Roloffs when they say the show is real, rushed online to check if Matt had a heart attack and died.

For more details the Washington Post explains how TLC and the Roloffs played out the death angle

If you are still a concerned moron and haven’t heard, you were played for a fool by the Roloff family and TLC. Matt is fine and always has been. It was a little dizzy spell that happened over a year ago…well, that comes from Matt and one thing anyone should have learned by now is Roloffs lie a lot and do not tell the truth.

This site explains how Matt’s collapse scene happened over a year ago.

Do you get it? It was before everything you watched on the show for the past year. Before their around the world trip to Europe and Molly’s birthday and the tired old pumpkin season stuff. It was at the beginning of summer of 2009. That’s two thousand and NINE!.

The Roloffs and TLC then decide to play it out by leaving that to the very end as a cliff hanger after having the episode littered with Matt talking about dying.

Isn’t that nice and moral of the Roloffs? Lets lie and trick and deceive people into thinking Matt was in peril!

Also I’d make a bet that the scene was staged or re-staged. The Roloffs suck as actors and no way does any normal human being react like that to finding someone on the floor. I’m still ROFLMAO at Molly’s uber fake “Fatherrrrrrrrrrr?????????”

And poor golden boy Jer-bear. He can’t muster up any emotion for the staged scene. Maybe that’s why his once rumored modeling career never amounted to anything. I thought he was going to poke Matt with a stick to see if he was alive. LOL!

The great hoax that TLC and the Roloff pulled off as they’re getting more attention by tricking people into thinking Matt had a heart attack than they’ve had in years. All from a little dizzy spell?? What’s next? Jeremy gets a paper cut (I don’t know what from, he wouldn’t be near a book, he must have fun playing like a 10 year old!) and they make it look like he was stabbed? That will probably be the season 6 finale!

By the way Roloff Family and Faith Bible friends: the whole stunt into worrying stupid fans was even more deplorable considering poor old Mike Detjen did die of a heart attack. You guys think it’s so funny into tricking people and portraying something as serious when it’s not?

That’s what the Roloffs are about as Christians, they make Jesus Christ proud by doing as Jesus and sacrificing any morals they must have to do any trick and stunt and tasteless cliffhangers for tv ratings and attention. But hey the Roloffs are the people that have Jeremy saying N*gger and Fagg*t” and don’t even apologize or care. Thanks Roloffs for teaching me how to be Christ like…if that’s the way Christians live, I am very glad that I’m not a Chrisitan.

Christians need a lesson in morals, character, honesty, kindness and goodness.

Christian Roloffs sink to another low

April 21, 2010

Their tag line for the opening of Little People Big World just changed:

“We can do everything average sized people can do…..except wait in line!”

On this freebie vacation around the World, it brought the Roloffs to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

Guess what? There is a line! Maybe because it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world?

The Roloffs don’t want to wait in line. Boo friggin hoo. They “say” (and take that for what its worth because everything on this show stinks of being lies, scripted and staged) that they have 1 day in Paris and don’t want to spend hours waiting in line.

They whine about waiting in line. Matt confesses he will “work the system” He says it is dangerous for him and his little son to wait in line because their heads are near everyone’s butts and the smell could kill them. I used that line when I was intentionally trying to be offensive to show the hypocrisy.

Of course the Roloffs get their way. Amy gives a sickening speech about how Matt used his disability to his advantage because he wants to show his kids a good time.

What disgusting people they are. Failures as good humans and this is just another log in the fire.

It wasn’t about a disability in a line. It was about the spoiled privileged Roloffs thinking they are better than the poor souls who were spending their day in Paris waiting in line long before the Roloffs showed up.

This is the Christian Roloff way. Lie, cheat and scam your way past people who are rightfully waiting their turn because you think you deserve to go first and the rest of the people need to wait.

What a bunch of sickening spoiled hypocrites.  We’re just average people living a normal life (with endless vacactions and dozens of behicles, in a mansion) except we think so f’n high of ourselves that we rip off everyone who is patiently waiting their turn because we don’t wait.

Is it any wonder why the Roloff kids are such spoiled kids with a sense of  entitlement? Wonderful lesson for kids. Lie and scam because you think your time is more important than everybody else.

God Christians are horrible people without any morals or respects. Are all of you Christians proud of your fellow Christians?

They make me very proud that I no longer call myself a Christian

New Season of Little People Big World, same old Jeremy Roloff

April 11, 2010

The days of watching “Little People Big World” for any legitimate or good reasons are long gone.

It’s only fun to count the number of lies and untruths the Roloffs, self-proclaimed Christians, tell fans through the show and to see how much of a selfish fraud Jeremy Roloff is from show to show.

I watched last Monday for the return. What a laugh.  Here is a good review.

My comment? The lies. Jeremy and Zach “ALONE”? They have a freaking camera crew. They have a Producer. By the name, what do you think the Producer is doing? Producing. By telling them where to stand, where to go, what to talk about.

The Roloffs being Jesus praising Christians, don’t mind lying. They spent the show pretending like it was all up Jeremy and Zach to fend for themselves, to find the right train, and oh no! What if they got separated?? Duh, the producer and camera crew might not let that happen. This is “reality tv” and Jesus commands the Roloffs to lie. They lie throughout the show about being “alone”.

Getting past the lie about them being alone, Jeremy gets the edit as the good adventurous twin, but it made me loath the jerk even more,

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure Zach is a spoiled jerk because of the show in his own right, but Jeremy Roloff grates on me.

How many times was Jeremy shown walking 15 feet in front of Zach? This is supposed to show how Zach isn’t into the trip or some BS tension building between them.

What about this theory? A wise man once said the most obvious answer is often the correct answer. Zach is a dwarf!!!! Jeremy is not. Maybe Zach can’t walk around Europe carrying a back pack as quickly as Jeremy and Jeremy is too self-asorbed to ever think of that and wait.

All thru the show Jeremy is credited for saying “I’m trying to get Zach out of his comfort zone”.  I’m not surprised. Jeremy thinks everyone should do what he does and be like him. Where is the scene when Jeremy is out of his comfort zone?

Despite all the “drama” talked about, Zach does whatever Jeremy wants. Remember back a couple of years Jeremy told Kirsten he wanted Zach to go to the dance with them, not because Zach would enjoy it, but because Zach does whatever JerBear wants. Nothing has changed.

Zach wears kilts. Zach eats where Jeremy wants to eat. Zach drinks beer. Btw, laughable. Like we’re supposed to be these two aren’t used to drinking….anyone who believes that needs a real reality check.

Jeremy whines to the camera trying to be adorable about how sad it is that Zach slept for a couple of hours after being up 36 hours (if you can believe anything on this fake and staged show) he walked around the streets alone.

Later after Zach is supposedly not thrilled about the red light district in Amsterdam, Jeremy in another moment of Jer the great family man, whines about not having Mueller with him.

Jeremy Roloff whining that he'd rather vacation with Mueller than his own brother

Because Jeremy and Mueller can’t bear to be apart ever. Jeremy needs Mueller by his side and vice versa or else they can’t have a good time on their free vacations.

Much to my dismay it seems like some people fell for this episode and think Jeremy was great because Zach should be more like Jeremy. Oh that’s great. Praise Jeremy for wanting someone to only do what he wants to do and for having a personality that differs from Jer.

Btw all the Jeremy fans and there is only one reason why there is even such  a thing as a “jeremy fan” people think he’s hot because there is nothing else for a fan to like about a guy who insults his own fans and ignores and disrespects  them more than anyone possible could. There was the obligatory, Jeremy Roloff in a towel scene. Wanna make a bet that Jeremy arranges these scenes? We all know he has the ego.

Btw, the JerBear is getting buffed up ain’t he? Hmmmm………………

Why Jeremy Roloff is such a spoiled baby at 20 years old

April 10, 2010

I saw a great story and messaged with the guy who posted that. LintonsLint on IMDB or Chris Linton on Facebook. Everything he said is totally on the money.

It explains why Jeremy is such a pampered spoiled prince. Jeremy and his band of butt kissers.

Btw, Jeremy Roloff is 20 years old next month. He still doesn’t speak for himself. He still hides behind daddy while collecting a paycheck. Is there a more coddled and babied 20 year old than Jeremy Roloff?

Like Chris says, Jeremy “Praise Jesus” Roloff lies too. So many lies. He disses, insults and lies to his fans by saying he doesn’t use computers, but guess what. Surprise, yeah he does use computers!!! He’s a liar because he’s a proud Christian and Christians are the biggest liars. Jesus shouldn’t have been such a damn liar.


Chris Linton:

This is seriously the best! Truly pathetic.

This is one hundred percent true.

I begin my story on Facebook. Like two years ago, in my charming sarcastic way, I posted something on a Jeremy Roloff Facebook group about Jer drinking.

Sometime after that, this dude that I’ll call Mark, because that is his name, sends me a friends request. I don’t see the connection at all, but whatever. I’m a nice guy. Someone wants to be my friend? I make people happy! I add the dude.

After way too long, I figure out that this guy is with the show or was once with the show. He posts pictures of the Roloffs off the internet in albums called “My Friends”. He lists the production company as his employer. He might be a security utility dude that pushes people out of the way when they’re filming. He seems to talk with the Roloffs about not having seen them in a long time, maybe he used to with the show….idk.

I asked him once why HE added ME since I have my own unique posting style on Jeremy, I didn’t expect that to entice Jeremy’s friends from the show to want to be friends with me, but he never answered. Whatever, it’s Facebook friends. Not a big deal.

Now the story picks up!!!!!

I don’t want to confuse my IMDB friends so from this point on, only what appears in Bold is what was posted on Facebook. The rest is what I was really thinking and my commentary for you here.

About a week ago, this Mark dude posts pics of the Roloffs in His “My Friends” album. They were the paparazzi pics that everybody has seen from Hawaii. This dude captioned the picture of Jeremy standing on the board in the ocean as

“This is a great shot. I thought you might want it.”

Then the boy wonder, who doesn’t use computers, oops. Posted a comment!

Jeremy: hahh how’d you get this? who took this.. WHAT

Being the nice guy that I am, seeing our confused TV star, knowing the answer myself by surfing this board, I jumped into action! I posted:

Chris Linton: Welcome to the papparazzi, you might be famous, dude 🙂
I thought you were all posing, pretending not to see them.

Note to my IMDB Friends. We all saw the pics of Ma and Pa Roloff. Smiling and splashing and kicking water at each other while some big paparazzi dude snaps pics of them. It *looked* staged to me. The old “I know somebody is snapping pics of me so I’m going to look ultra happy” vibe was going on.
Then the charming Jeremy replies to my comment a few minutes later:

you thought so? hmm. nuts

Now, between you – my IMDB friends and me, I thought this was typical arrogant and smug Jeremy. He’s claiming I’m wrong, but it expresses it as “nuts”. Whatever. I’m a big boy. I knew the guy was not Mr. Manners. I let it go.


Dude Mark comes back from being on the “road” to see the little conversation between me and the Jer-Bear!

He posts this!!!!

Mark: this is not the place to blast my good friends, if you feel like you must comment in the neg i feel sorry for you. I am sorry for that Jer. I am on the rode but deleat him from my friend list.


That was “BLASTING” Jeremy???? Saying I thought he knew they were taking pictures of him. Maybe I was wrong or maybe the JerBear was lying again, but even so, that counts as BLASTING Jeremy! I am to feel shame for my comment!?!?

And dude Mark apologized to Jeremy!!!! And begs for forgiveness from the Jer Bear!

Then he put me in my place by deleting me! Well, I’ll get over the rejection after some therapy.

Seriously dudes and dudettes! How totally pathetic is that? This very little story is a real life example of why Jeremy is the man-child that he is today. The people who surround him, rush to protect him like he is some fragile baby boy. The dude will be 20 next month! The poor Jer-Bear reads one comment that isn’t telling him how awesome he is, a simple I thought you knew the camera was there (I could have been a dick if I wanted, but I really was being polite!). Jeremy posts a smug comment calling me nuts, hurting my feelings 😦 in the process, but I am the bigger man! I make no rude comments in response. But! His friends come rushing in on their white horses to protect him as though he was viciously assaulted and apologize to him!

I think my little brush with Jeremy is a small microcosm of why Jeremy James Roloff is so infantile. Everyone around him treats him like he is a little baby boy.

Jeremy Roloff’s friend Jacob Mueller did not graduate high school with the rest.

January 29, 2010

I saw the season finale of Little People Big World….it’s funny how life has a way of coming back to bite people in the butt.

Everyone’s favorite racist spewing, homophobic bigoted self-centered TV star, Jeremy Roloff, a couple of years ago insulted people who work at places like pumping gas. That was pretty ballsy for a guy who gets woken up by his mommy and has never worked for anybody but daddy and collects a pay check for playing himself on camera and telling lies in a book and by being a trademark Christian hypocrite,

When he insulted the gas pumpers, he said they were dumb high school drop outs. This was when Jeremy didn’t know how to pump gas….he said Oregon was nice because you pull in and dumb high school drop outs pump gas for you.

How delicious was it to find out that Jeremy’s best friend forever, the guy he can’t go a day without seeing, his partner in spewing slurs and bashing his own fans that make all the stuff they do a reality, Jacob Mueller, failed high school. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!

There was Jacob Mueller sitting up in the rafters during graduation ceremony. LOL!  Jeremy said it was a “bummer because Mueller didn’t get to graduate with me because he couldn’t get his grades up”.

Ain’t that delicious? Jeremy and Mueller spend their lives making fun of other people and dish out the insults and then Mueller falls into the group who gets the most shame….people who fail high school. Ha!

The lesson is don’t be an asshole to people and maybe people won’t be so quick to laugh their ass at your failings and you better watch what you say because you or your best friend might not be any better than the people you’re insulting and making fun of.

This is a cool and informative site about the jerks known as Jeremy and Mueller.

Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff – Best friends, they’re Christian bigots. Ridicule fans, spew racial and homophobic bigotry together, slack through life together.

Jeremy Roloff shirtless

September 1, 2009

I’ve come to a realization whenever I look around on the internet and see talk about Jeremy Roloff.

I think almost everybody who has anything nice to say about Jeremy likes him either because they think he’s hot (hence the title) or they like him based on lies and for a fake image (a squeaky clean Christian fighting for diversity who doesn’t drink or do any of that badddd stuff.) The only other reason I see from people who like Jeremy is from people who are bigots themselves and they support Jeremy because he used hate slurs.

That’s not much of an accomplishment. Liked because of something shallow and fleeting like people think you’re cute. Liked because of a fake image born on the back of lies. Or supported by bigots.

None of the 3 are about character or being a good person.

Reasons why Jon and Kate Plus 8 aren’t as bad as the Roloff family (Little People Big World)

August 9, 2009

I haven’t watched a lot of Jon and kate plus 8. I’m not into the whole toddler thing.  They have a lot of critics. A lot of people that don’t like them (almost as much as Jeremy Roloff?). I’m sure their critics are right about a lot of things.

But I sometimes hear about people putting Jon and Kate Gosselin down and praise the Roloffs and Little People, Big World for all the things they say they hate about Jon and Kate. I say those people are stupid.

The Roloffs are definitely the biggest fakes on TLC. They’re the most revolting morally.

Here are some reasons why the Roloffs are worse than Jon and Kate Plus 8, Most of them are about honesty. It makes the slight praise the Roloffs get ridiculous because the people that do like them will say they’re “real”. No, they’re just fake and some people are too stupid to know they’re being fooled.

1. Jon and Kate on their show, explained all the freebies they get. Kate laid it out exactly the way it is. Companies give them stuff because they want the exposure of being on their tv show. It’s a business. That’s what happens. I don’t have a problem with that. Jon and Kate were honest about it.

What happens? People complain that Jon and Kate are all about getting freebies and going on hundreds of vacations all the time.

Now the Roloffs.  They probably travel more than J&K. They probably get more freebies. Hell, they basically got a brand new Volkswagen professionally restored for free.

Are the Roloffs honest about it like Jon and Kate? No. They are liars. These “Christians” that wrote a book about their big values are bold face liars. Totally. One example is when they went Orlando for another vacation. Quote from Amy “I’m a Christian” Roloff” said on the show “This is the first time we’ve rented a home on vacation”.  That is a lie. The Roloffs didn’t rent it. I remember reading on this Roloff blog  the resort company told exactly what happened. TLC sent them a letter asking if any of the resorts wanted to give the Roloffs one of their homes for the week for free and they pumped up all the advertising they’d get. The place, I think the name was Global Resort Homes, gave the Roloffs the huge beautiful vacation home for free because they wanted the exposure. If you search that Keeping Up With The Roloffs site, the General Manager of the Resort left a comment after the episode. They weren’t happy with the return they got.

The point of it all. It’s exactly like Kate said. TLC gets them something free. The company does it for the exposure.

The difference is Jon and Kate Plus 8 were honest. They said that’s what happens.  The Roloffs lied. Some people buy the lies from these “Christians”. All the other freebie stuff the Roloffs get including the restored Volkswagen and Zach’s custom made bike, are all passed off on the show as Matt Roloff saying “A friend of mine”. Everybody is a friend. On Jon and Kate they were honest. The Roloffs lie.

2. Fans. In the big divorce episode on Jon and Kate, they were honest about everything. Kate said she used to not like her fans. ‘Course she was saying a line of BS about how she now appreciated fans because she met them as they were lining up buying her book at her book signings. But the important thing is she admitted she didn’t like fans. Some honesty! Obviously she’s a pretty crappy person to get rich off the fans and then dislike the fans, but at least she was honest.

Then there is the lying Roloffs. Interviews and newsletters they say the entire family loves the fans and are so appreciative of the fans for the support. But the truth is, because Jeremy and Zach and the rest of their friends got busted for trashing fans. Give one friend, Dan Meichtry credit for coming clean and saying he was wrong and they were mean to people. But the point is while they really were trashing fans and calling them losers, but publicly the lying Roloffs were saying they love the fans.

Even without the insults, actions are more important than words from frauds and liars. The Roloffs say they love and appreciate their fans. But they’re famous for never doing anything for fans. Get on Facebook and talk to their fans who have made them filthy rich? Never!!! It’s been 4 long years and the selfish Roloffs can’t spare a few minutes for those people they say they love so much.

 I guess they just got back from another huge vacation around Europe. All because of the fans. Do they do anything for their fans? No!!!!  I wouldn’t even care about that too much (the racist, gay bashing, lying, self-centered hypocrite Jeremy Roloff is the last person I’d ever want to talk to) if it wasn’t for them shoving this BS at people about how much they love the fans. Yeah they love them so much that for 4 seasons they can’t any spare time for the fans that everybody knows they really trash amongst themselves anyway.

On fans the difference between Jon and Kate and the Roloffs is honesty. Kate was truthful. She said she had negative feelings for the fans. The Roloffs lie. Their actions show that they feel the same as Kate, but they deal the BS “Oh we love  you fans!” Now get lost and give me money!

3. None of the Jon and Kate clan get rewarded for telling people not to say derogatory words and then are proven to be huge hypocrites like the Roloffs and Jeremy. He’s in the Roloff book of lies (Little Family, Big Values -HAHAHA) saying he don’t say midget but he says the biggest the slurs of all, words I probably can’t even repeat here, N word and “f*ggot”. The Roloffs are once again fakes. Respect those minorities, don’t say derogatory words, but oh the dirty little secret is they have a racist gay bashing son. When they get caught they can’t even come clean (except for Dan and he’s not a Roloff) and say they were wrong (because wee little Jeremy is too much of a child at 19 to talk for himself).

Those are a few reasons why Jon and Kate aren’t as revolting as the Roloff family and Little People Big World. They might suck as people, I don’t know, but at least they’re honest about things compared to the Roloffs who are all about lies and BS and while playing the “sweet Christian family” card.

Father’s day for Matt Roloff, father of Jeremy Roloff, Zach Roloff, Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff

June 21, 2009


Today is Father’s day. After having just celebrated father’s day with my dad, I’m going to blog about Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World as a father.

His relationships with each of his kids. He’s shooting at 50 percent.

Good relationships:

Matt’s Golden boy, Jeremy.  Obviously Matt’s favorite. The few times when Matt actually knows where Jeremy is, they seem to get along well. Jer still disrespects him, gives him lip, walks away from him and Matt has no idea what he’s up to (by now Jer has probably gotten drunk on all of Matt’s stashes of booze, not just the vodka that is infamous !), but they also give off the vibe that they can be all buddy buddy together. And that really pisses off Zach, but more on that later.

Molly.  Seems to have a good relationship with Matt. I think there is the “My little princess/daddy’s girl” thing going on there.  Unlike some of the other Roloffs, most of the time Molly seems like she doesn’t hate Matt and might actually love him! I have no bad feelings for Molly. She seems like a cool person basically. I give Matt a passing grade here.

Failing relationships:

Jacob: Seriously if you’re a pyschologist and you want to study something, study Matt and Jacob and tell me the true reason why people who see the truth know that there is something about Jacob that Matt truly hates. He has a crappy relationship with him. He doesn’t have one. He’s admitted it on camera. Matt has no idea what Jacob likes and isn’t slightly interested in him. The few times they are actually together, Jacob gets upset. There was the time when Amy went on a trip with her siblings. Something happened between Matt and Jacob. It was in the preview but they cut it out of the episode. Something about Amy saying Jacob was depressed and feeling worthless. On the RV trip with Amy and Molly went off on their own, Jacob and Zach got into the fight, Matt took Zach’s side, Jacob locked himself in the bathroom, ran away, told Matt to shut up and cried all the way on the walk to town. After, Matt tells Amy, Molly and the entire audience that Jacob was a “sissy-man”, the Matt and Jeremy laugh about Jacob’s sissyness.  That’s Father of the decade material right there. Call your 10 year old a sissy on camera. When Matt gets those calls from Amy that Jacob is in the hospital (because Matt is of course never around) his first question is “Was he bawling?”

Matt seriously does seem to be embarrassed by Jacob.  I don’t know what exactly it is, but there is somthing deeper going on with those 2. I don’t know if Jacob is just not filling Matt’s idea of how a boy/man should act , that he thinks he’s too weak, or if it is that he’s worried that Jake might be gay. Matt trying to convince the audience that Jacob was a ladies man when he was 9 was laughable. There is this whole vibe going on like Matt treats Jacob like he’s the child his wife had with another man. I’m not making any allegations! LOL. But that’s what it’s like.

Then there is Zach and Matt. Zach has more respect for pond scum than he has for Matt and everybody knows it. He always disrespects him has a hostility, almost  a hatred towards Matt. It said a lot that when Matt, Jeremy and Zach were getting ready to leave to drive to California to get the restored yellow VW (another freebie for the Roloffs), Amy was worried there would be a big blow up between Zach vs Matt/Jeremy.  It’s pretty sad when a father and son can’t go on a trip without the mom worrying that there is going to be a huge fight.

I don’t blame that on Zach either. He’s the honest Roloff who can see through the BS and Matt and Jeremy are all about BS. I think the other main reason for Zach’s disdain for Matt is because he knows how to read people and knows what is going on. He knows Jeremy is Matt’s golden boy and a lifetime of knowing that pisses him off. Matt’s favoritism for Jeremy is always glaring. It must suck to have a twin and know that your dad thinks the twin is the one and only perfect son. It’s a real failing for Matt as a dad that it’s so easy for people (including his other kids!) to tell that Jeremy is pride and joy.

The way I see it, Matt is 2 for 4 in his relationships with his kids, I don’t know if that’s a good thing either, with Jeremy anways considering he is such a crappy person, when a Dad’s favorite son is the racist, gay bashing, bigot that insults the hands that are feeding them….is it really saying much about the Dad?  

On the good side, Matt did provide his kids with a pretty cool place to grow up on and a lot of cool materialistic things and stuff.

Matt does try sometimes to be a good parent and sometimes seems to care about trying to make them into good people. A lot of the blame for how selfish-centered Jeremy is and how disrespectful and spoiled all the kids are falls on Amy. Matt tries to lay down the law, but Amy overrides them because she wants to be Jer’s, Zach’s and their gang’s best friend. Plus a real thing, Matt did tell Jeremy to treat fans with respect (Jeremy being the jerk that he is ignored it) so that’s a hint that Matt at least knows something about how you should treat people and at least shows that he was trying to prevent Jeremy from being the prick that he is known as today.

Matt and his golden boy, the self-asorbed bigot, Jeremy Roloff

Matt and his golden boy, the self-asorbed bigot, Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy Roloff had his high school graduation last week, congratulations…or maybe not

June 13, 2009

It’s been a big week in the life of everybody’s favorite (Sarcastic!!!!!!!!)  celebrity, tv star, author and public speaker – that is if you like your tv show stars, authors and public speakers to be racist, gay bashing bigots who lie and disrespect their own fans. There is only one person I know of who fits that description. Jeremy Roloff.

Normally you think or say “congratulations” when someone graduates high school, but in Jeremy’s case, is there a lot to celebrate?

High school graduation is a chance to reflect on the past and see where a person is at in the thing called life, the person they are now and are becoming. Jeremy is a 19 year old man and a high school graduate. Here’s how I look at his life.

Basically everybody knows that he’s been in the National Enquirer because he says racists things and makes fun of gay people. All from a guy that got patted on the back for telling people that he lectures kids if he hears them say “midget”.

He’s been on Little People Big World for the last few years where they fake an image of being accepting of all people and differences but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

He’s wrote a book where he told several lies. Pretended to be better than most teenagers around the country and he used God to lie. Remember Jeremy said he doesn’t drink or all that bad teen stuff that “other” kids do. That was proven to be a lie. Anybody with a brain knew he was lying all along anyway.

At 19 years old he hasn’t learned what the word “sorry” means.

Jeremy is a 19 year old man that doesn’t speak for himself, he hides behind his mommy and daddy. It’s very obvious that his parents don’t trust him enough not to offend every person who is not a white Christian and who he hasn’t been friends with since first grade (even saying he hasn’t offended Christians is pushing it because there are a lot of Christians who wish Jeremy would stop tarnishing Chrisitans by saying he’s a Christian). This 19 year old man doesn’t talk without his parents holding his hand or a tv show skewing what they let people hear.

He’s graduated high school and he still doesn’t know anything about respecting people and basic human kindness and decency or gratitude. Jeremy’s such a little prick that he insults his own fans behind their backs. Unlike his younger friends, he can’t even own up to it and apologize for being a prick.

What does Jeremy have going for him?

He has lots of cool cars. But wait, is that an achievement? No, it’s not because he has nothing to do with it. He has lots of “stuff” for 2 reasons.

1. Three of his family members were born with dwarfism.

2. And they fake an image on tv and in their books.  

Just to put the icing on the cake that Jeremy is a jerk, he insults the fans that made that possible and then he’s so pompous and arrogant to pretend like his garage full of vintage beauties are all because he cut grass when he was 11…

What else has Jeremy or learned or achieved by the time he graduated high school? He considers (the key word!) himself a Christian,  but he can’t hang around and talk to basically anybody that doesn’t believe what he does without offending and insulting them.

Some of my friends have or are graduating this month. Look at it this way, you have reason to be proud of the person you are if you aren’t known as a bigot and racist. If you’ve ever earned money for yourself by hard work that wasn’t based on lying (if you haven’t used God to lie, you get bonus points).  If you can take a compliment from people without insulting them. If you have friends and can talk with people who believe in a different religion and you’re able to be respectful enough not to insult them.

Wait, those aren’t achievements, those are just part of being a decent human being.

My sincere wish for Jeremy Roloff now that he’s graduated high school is that he might finally, start to grow up. That he will be forced to crawl out of that so very sheltered cocoon he is in because of his private rich Christian school. Only being friends with people from a private Christian school since first grade is not really a good thing.

I hope he starts to reflect on the person he is now that the kid excuse is gone in all ways. He’s not in high school and he’s a 19 year old man.

When I have a time I’m going to analyze the interview Jeremy’s friend Dan Meichtry did with another Roloff blog. There’s stuff he said that I don’t agree with, but I think he’s 17 (compared to Jeremy being 19) and Dan acted like a man and someone who is trying to be a decent person.

Jeremy right now is a 19 year old racist bigot, who is living on an image of lies and he’s a selfish prick to anybody he hasn’t known since he first grade (that means spoiled rich Christian kids).

Roloff family hierarchy = Jeremy Roloff golden boy, Jacob Roloff garbage can

May 9, 2009

I must comment on the show a few weeks ago.

The episode that could have been called “Jacob sucks”. An entire episode dedicated to humiliating an 11/12 year old. In depth talk about how Jake is the Roloffs most challenging child. He’s humilated for bad language (he said “Molly F’ed us”). They follow him around crying. Amy says on camera that she doesn’t want to be around him and is taking his friend home. They talk about how annoying he is. In the episode before the Jacob sucks episode, Matt finally admits he has a crappy relationship with Jake.

Don’t you love it? Jeremy is in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for using RACIST and HOMOPHOBIC language and Matt and Amy do everything they can to cover it up and avoid talking about. They sure aren’t going to humilate Jeremy. It’s all about protecting Jeremy.

But the 12 year old? Lets do a whole episode about how “challenging” he is and his bad language.

The question I have is how old will Jake be when he realizes how differently Matt and Amy treat him compared to Jeremy and Zach? Jake is already smarter than both of them so it shouldn’t take long. 

The question is why do Amy and Matt treat Jake so differently than Jeremy? The answer is easy for Matt. This is a great description about Matt’s favoritism.

“Jake is not the dwarf. He’s not the girl in the family. And he is not Jeremy. Ahh, Jeremy … in a class by himself … the pride of his parents, tall, strong and beautiful … gifted with charm, charisma and obviously the center of the freaking universe in Matt’s opinion.

And of course, that is because Matt wishes he was Jeremy. Young, healthy, filled with vigor and nothing but an open road ahead of him in life.

Jake is not Jeremy, he is not the precious perfect everything-Matt-is-not-and-wishes-he-could-have-been Jeremy, the Boy Wonder. That is, if you like your Boy Wonders to be lazy, spoiled, dependent, hate-mongering bigots.”

I hope Jake turns out to be gay…….that will be karma for Matt and Amy. Ha!

Jacob Rolof = The family whipping boy that Matt and Amy don't mind humiliating on tv

Jacob Roloff = The family whipping boy that Matt and Amy don't mind humiliating on tv

Jeremy Roloff = The racist, gay-bashing bigot who cruelly insults his fans - He is the Golden boy of the family

Jeremy Roloff = The racist, gay-bashing bigot who cruelly insults his fans - He is the Golden boy of the family

The Roloffs = Only for Christians

May 9, 2009

Yep. I’ve come to that conclusion. If you’re not a Christian, the Roloffs don’t give a damn about you.

Like Jeremy Roloff is the example, they are the worst type of Christians. They treat people horribly, but then fallback to “Jesus saved me” so I will go on treating people like dirt because I am a Christian.

The Roloffs should put their money where their mouths are and put it on the show that they only give fellow Christians any respect. I wonder how much of the audience they would lose if they knew to what extent the Roloffs don’t accept anyone that isn’t a Christian?

Oh, Jeremy is 19 tomorrow and still can’t talk for himself. I give a sarcastic congratulations to Matt and Amy for raising such a rude and bigoted son who at 19 can’t be trusted to talk for himself.

Roloff family asks for charity money- they’re frigging rich! Disgusting…

April 5, 2009

God, the Roloffs have reached a new low.  Here are a few factual statements.

1. Matt Roloff has said each of the kids get a weekly pay check for doing the tv show.

2. Matt Roloff has said TLC pays for anything they film.

3. The Roloffs made their house into a mansion. Jeremy alone has 3 vehicles, a 1972 BMW, a 1969 GMC truck and a 1960-something camaro.  Bottom line – they’re rich from the show. Good for them.

But this is disgusting. The Roloffs, specifically Matt and Zach sent out a letter asking for charity donation. Zach wants to go to Ireland to play in the “Dwarf games”  in July and bring 8 other Little People to play sports. They say it costs $3,500 per kid. They are asking for companies or even wealthy individuals to give them charity money and pay, not only for the other kids but for Zach!

This is disgusting. The Roloffs are rich. There is no reason why they can’t pay for Zach or the whole team for that matter. TLC is filming it. According to what Matt said in the past, that means TLC would pay for it. It’s for the show, the Roloffs are getting paid.  But they’re asking for sponsors to pay for Zach! They just took a vacation to the Virgin Islands and took Jeremy’s racist  and gay slur spewing friend “Mueller” who likes to please God with Jeremy by using hate speech and insulting fans (that Jeremy is such a good Chrisitan boy! ) They can afford to go on vacations all year long and take friends along, but they have their greedy hands reaching out asking for charity.

That is the lowest of the low. Some company out of greed will probably go for it, but I truly hope decency wins out. The Roloffs asking for charity to pay for Zach to play soccer in Ireland when they are perfecting capable of paying themselves is as bad as people who make good money stealing food from a homeless shelter because they want to eat for free or signing up for those Christmas programs to give children who won’t have Christmas presents a gift…when really the family can afford it and they are just greedy and cheap.

There are so many good causes, needy people who could benefit from charity donations or corporate sponsorship. The Roloff family trying to dig up sponsorship charity donations for Zach when they are rich is despicable.

I also love how they play the diversity card. The Roloffs are champions of all diversity causes! Maybe Zach can let Jeremy say a few words and treat the diversity groups to some  N word and F*g and Beaner comments.

Anybody know a good  watchdog organization about frauds that ask for charity donations when they actually are rich and live in a Mansion?

This is the letter they sent. They very clearly say Zach and 8 friends. Then they say 9 sponsorships are needed at $3500.  God, I’m throwing up as I’m typing this. A guy living in a mansion, getting paid to play soccer, is asking for donations to pay for his trip!

DAAA Soccer Event

April 2nd, 2009

My name is Zach Roloff and I can’t wait to tell you about this exciting and unique opportunity.  I realize that in these economic times, national advertisement dollars may be in short supply.  For this reason, I am presenting your company with an opportunity to share your values and commitment to diversity to millions of TV viewers.  Let me

If you’ve seen Discovery Channel/TLC’s family hit TV series Little People Big World, (currently filming its 5fth season) then you’re familiar with my family, the Roloffs living our lives on our large farm near Portland, Oregon.  My soccer team, The Grasshogs, have been featured in several episodes, including competing in the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA) national Soccer Championships.

Can you imagine being under 4 feet tall and trying to play competitive sports against
someone 2 feet taller than you?  Soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming or
track ~ to say it is discouraging and sometimes down right impossible is an

DAAA and the World Dwarf Organization offer life changing opportunities for dwarfs and persons of short stature to be able to compete as true athletes in both individual and team sporting events.  Both organizations are highly committed to promoting public awareness, tolerance, education, character building and promoting self esteem across all barriers of people with differences…  Most importantly they are constantly hard at work to blaze a trail of acceptance and understanding for anyone who is perceived as “different”.

For the past 2 years, our team has won the Gold Medal in soccer at DAAA.  Now, in honor of our achievements, myself and 8 elite little person athletes have been invited to
Belfast, Ireland to represent the USA at the 2009 World Dwarf Organization’s 5th World
Games in July of this year.

We need your help!

9 sponsorships are needed (at a cost of $3500.00 each) to help fund our USA team (called The Statesman) to Belfast, Ireland.  Your sponsorship(s) will help us cover the cost of travel, lodging, and the registration fees required for us to be able to participate
in this exciting world wide event.

The amazing journey we are on to get our team to Ireland is quite remarkable (and is a perfect platform for Little People Big World to demonstrate its dedication to educating
society on tolerance and opening the hearts & minds of millions). Our raw and un-scripted plight to secure these sponsorship(s) along with coverage of our exciting
weekend long soccer practice camp (to be held at our famous Oregon farm) are sure to
be dramatic and inspirational TV show highlights (concluding with my entire family
cheering us on at the World Games)!

In appreciation for your sponsorship(s) we will proudly print your company name and
logo on our players jerseys (to be worn at all events).  A large banner will also be
displayed showing your organizations commitment to acceptance.

In addition, a representative from your organization is invited to come and visit Roloff
Farms during our soccer practice camp (to be held here at Roloff Farms where I live and where much of Little People Big World is filmed).  I want you to be able to see and experience first hand what your generous contribution can do!

Finally, and in conjunction with all outlined above, your company will greatly benefit from the inevitable news/media exposure this event will receive AND from the million plus loyal fans who tune in to watch Little People Big World each week.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  Your immediate consideration is appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Zachary Roloff

Jeremy Roloff is almost 19 years old

April 5, 2009

An update to one of the earlier blogs that Jeremy Roloff is 18 years old.

He is a couple of months from being 19 and still amazing me at where he is in life as a general human being.

He still can’t speak for himself. He’s still hiding behind his daddy letting him clean up his messes.

The latest episode lumps Zach into it too. “Occassional Watcher” posted a comment that took most of the words out of my mouth so here is the summary:

I  just watched the show where they took their SATs.  What a hoot, mommy signs them up, cooks them breakfast, wakes them up and hustles them out the door to take a test they obviously couldn’t give a crap about passing.  A major clue as to what kind of students they are, they had to ask mommy if she had a calculator.  What high school student doesn’t have a calculator?  General Studies students who aren’t planning to go to college, that’s who.  Most of those students have some sort of skill, what do these twins bring to the table?

In this case, they haven’t matured enough to leave their little family farm and live on their own.  They’d probably whine themselves to death about how they have to do laundry, find a meal, do that learning thing and not have all the toys from home along with them!

What a mess, we’ll see them ten years from now on a special about early 2000 Reality Show Stars, Where Are They Now?  They’ll be sitting around the house bytching mommy out about how miserable and washed up they are.    Wah…

That is all spot on. Jeremy Zach are almost 19 and they still don’t give a crap about SATs. Their mommy still wakes them up, dresses them, feeds them, does their paperwork, gives Jeremy paper and pencils.

The only thing that save Zach from annoying me as much as Jeremy Roloff is he seems to realize when he was a dumbass and should be embarrassed.  His hang dog comment that he will be working for Matt the rest of his life will probably be true and he wasn’t proud of it.

Not so for Jeremy! Good ol Jer is right there to say he didn’t do that bad even before he looked at his results. He said he’s great at everything else in life except for that…embarrassment, shame and guilt are emotions Jeremy never has.  It’s so annoying to see someone who thinks they are a God among men when really he should be hanging his head in shame.

Jeremy Roloff is a male chauvinistic pig in addition to being a racist gay bashing bigot

March 3, 2009

Mark  another one up for Jeremy James Roloff.  It’s been well documented that Jeremy uses racist language, uses homophobic language,  Jer and his friends makes fun of people with disabilities (on a serious note, it’s a good thing they didn’t put the camera on Jeremy and Mueller tonight when they showed the young man at the little people conference with the learning disability that helped with the dinner.  Ya just know that when Jeremy, Mueller and his gang of ignorant punks are together that’s the type of person they would have fun ridiculing. Mueller and Jeremy like to make fun of down syndrome and deaf kids, that guy doesn’t fit into either of those groups, but I’m sure Jeremy and Mueller would still be able to find reason to ridicule him.

But on top of Jeremy Roloff already being known as a racist, homophobic, a stuck up jerk that ignores (and when he doesn’t he insults) his own fans, but tonight he showed himself as a male chauvinistic pig.

While Amy is backing up the van, Jeremy Roloff opens his big mouth:

“Women drivers and backing up are the worst.”

This coming from a guy, Jeremy Roloff, that backed into a brand new garage!!!

Jeremy Roloff is really quite the amazing guy. He’s able to offend his own fan club, he offends blacks,  mexicans, asians, jewish people, muslims,  gay and lesbian people, down syndrome and deaf people, gas station employees (remember Jeremy’s “they’re dumb high school drop-outs” comment) and now he adds women to the list.

Jeremy Roloff is really on a roll in this season of Little People Big World. This week he’s dissing women, last week he’s showing his brilliance by telling about how a tick will burrow its head into the bloodstream, go inside your heart, grow back its body and eat you from the inside out. He also actually took the flame of the lighter and put it against his little brother’s skin.

What is next Jeremy Roloff? How much of a dumb, offensive, ignorant jerk will he be? Who will he insult next?

Matt, Amy, Zach, Jacob, Molly and Jeremy Roloff -The Monday Night Midgets

February 27, 2009

Usually when I watch the Roloffs on Little People Big World Monday’s it’s not a group event. A couple of weeks ago some buddies of mine were bored and what are a bunch of  teenage guys to do on Mondays now that Football season is over? Watch a bunch of midgets of course! Football – Midgets. You see the similarities. LOL.

My friends Tim and Sean came over to watch the Roloffs. The night started off hilariously as Tim made his entrance as any good guy who is up for an hour of watching midgets – on his knees and waddled all the way from the door to the couch. I should tell you, Tim is not my smartest friend, we always joke with him that he’s as dumb as a dwarf and he kept up his reputation for the rest of the night. LOL.

The little freaky midgets did not disappoint. Matt, as Tim calls him, Papa Midget (bad smurf joke-HAHA) was going to Iraq to what else, save more midgets. Sean joked about what a pointless mission it was, I mean they’re midgets from Iraq? Do we really want to save the future generation of Iraqi terrorists, midget style? LOL. Almost peed my pants at that one.

We’re just a bunch American teenagers so what we saw next was one of the biggest freak shows the 3 of us have seen. Midget Matt and the doctor dude (like Sean said, that dude has it made, he’ got rich off sawing bones of midgets his whole life. Now that’s the American Dream!) had a clinic in Iraq. Most hilarious scene of the night. The camera pans to the entrance and it’s sea of Iraqi midgets! Invasion of the midgets!  The whole room was full of midgets everywhere!

There wasn’t much back on the homefront much to my disappointment. Amy the mom is one hit midget Mama. LOL. Sean doesn’t like her because she’s always so pissy. After we saw a scene with Amy and Jeremy (not a midget) in the kitchen, I said no wonder why Amy is aways bitching at Jeremy, her head is right at the same height as Jeremy’s butt. If you had to talk around all the time  bumping your face into Jeremy’s butt, you’d be grouchy too! Cut the lil midget mom some slack. LOL.  That got everyone laughing.

When the show was over, Tim got on his knees again and waddled out of the room to salute the Roloff family for giving us a hilarious hour of laughter. He said he was going out to find is a midget of his own, but he was just being, well…a moronic midget. LOL.

If you have a night with your friends and you don’t know what do, I’d highly recommend watching the midgets on Mondays.  A good time was had by all. LOL

The type of Christian Jeremy Roloff and his friends represent

February 2, 2009

I’ve come to the conclusion that Jeremy Roloff is not my favorite person (do ya think? haha).

I’ve wrote about some of the reasons. They’re all valid reasons.  But I was thinking about what it really is about Jeremy Roloff that I dislike in a person?

I think it’s that Jeremy Roloff and his friends represent the kind of Christians that I can’t stand. If Jeremy and his “buds” didn’t do so much talking and advertising about how much they love God and how they live for Christ, he probably wouldn’t grate on my nerves like he does.

Jeremy has a part in a book (at least it’s credited to him) about his faith in God and trying to be Christ like.  He’s told his daddy’s staffer (because Jer isn’t grown up enough to do a real interview) that God steers his life. He had a few things to that effect on his Myspace page before he got busted for using every slur imaginable, being a hypocrite and basically, just not a very nice person.  If you don’t know about that, this place explains it in more detail than I have.

When his page was public, he said he read the Bible at night and he had Christian videos from You Tube of Lifehouse’s ‘Everything’ song done by a Christian theatrical group about Jesus saving a girl contemplating suicide. Many of Jeremy’s friends were the same way, they had bios all about God and how they want to live like Jesus did, etc, etc. Amy Roloff wrote a letter for a Church on their summer tour that they’re using their opportunity to travel to touch people’s lives and help bring Jesus to more people. Right.

OK. So God is in control and you have a guy like Jeremy who wants to be Christ like. OK. So if God is controlling everything, God puts him in a position where he has a platform (some degree of fame) to reach people. He has people that are drawn to him from no doing  or accomplishment of his own, just that he has dwarf family members.

Wouldn’t this guy that loves God so much, want to take advantage of this sort of influence God has given him over people and the position he is in where he has people who want to listen to him and ( for reasons I can’t explain) think he’s special? If I really believed in God and Christ like Jeremy and his “buds” say they do, I would take the position God put me in very seriously. It’s a chance to be an example to people of what it means to be a Christian. It’s a chance to show God that you’re using the gifts and blessings he has given you in a positive way. They have a chance to have an effect on people.

So what do our guys that love God so much and want to be like Christ do with their “fame”? They insult the very people that are drawn to them. Quite cruelly too, I might add. I usually get into arguments with “Jeremy” fans who haven’t yet seen him for his true colors, but I think if you’re any kind of a decent person with compassion when you see someone, whether it’s annoying girl with a crush or just someone who admires someone in some way, you don’t want to see them treated with cruelness.  Jeremy and his friends were very open with how they despised those fans that God has blessed them with.

Jeremy and his friends made it clear they want nothing to do with them. They weren’t shy about insulting his admirers.  There’s a few highly publicized stories about Jeremy and his friends mocking a girl that made a fan page in honor of him. There’s an even more well known story about Jeremy’s buds telling one of his loyal fans to kill herself because she was such a loser and I believe it was Jeremy’s “Best Bud For Life” Mueller that also said that or wrote her just to call her a “Bitch”. Ironic that Jeremy had a video on his Myspace page of Jesus saving a girl from suicide when his BFF’s are talking to people like that.  Somehow, inexplicably, our wonderfully Christian Jeremy Roloff and his buds aren’t bothered in the least by having in such an ugly way.

So that’s the way Christian Jeremy and his Christian friends treat people that look up to them and that he has some influence over. They’re cruel, insulting, want nothing to do with them, completely ungrateful for the things their support has enabled them to receive.  They talk about these fans (or people God has blessed them with) like they’re scum. If that’s not bad enough, to really push it over the edge, when the friends want to mooch off the Roloffs fame, such as to support for their music, they ask for the fan support but still make it very clear that they don’t like the fans, they just want their support (cough cough**Daniel Meichtry* cough).

What type of Christians are these?  Jeremy and his buds? If they really cared or believed in what they say, why not act with some basic human kindness towards people who are willing to listen to them? Isn’t that the way to make God proud? A value of a life is the influence you can have on another and how to they choose to influence others? With mean-spiritedness.

Nothing sinks in with them. They behave like nasty punks, and they still talk about God. What is wrong with them seriously? That’s what gives God and Christians a bad name. They don’t practice what they say they believe in. They don’t even try. But they write or talk about how they want to be like Christ and they think that puts them in God’s good books in their warped world?

If they’re going to spout off about God and how Christian they are, use the blessings God has given them in the form of their fame and an audience of people willing to listen to them to do some good and spread some kindness. If somebody  believed what they say, that’s what they do. And I don’t think it’s that hard to not be a jerk to people.

If Jeremy Roloff wants to be a stuck up jerk to people, I wish he would stop talking about how much God is guiding his life.

Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer Racist and gay bashing comments

November 22, 2008

In my earlier post, vicky posted a comment. I decided to respond with a new post. Thank you for the comment, by the way, even though we disagree. You’re civil and I enjoyed reading your opinion.

Hi Vicky. I don’t think any of those friends of Jeremy are gay. If one is, they certainly aren’t “out”. It is a uber-Christian school and as you said there is the religious factor. I actually just a read an article about Amy Roloff supporting Focus on the Family. That says it all about their feelings on homsexuality.

I think you’re giving Jeremy far too much credit. I don’t think he’s accepting at all (or any of the Roloffs the more we learn about them) at people that are different from what they are and what they believe. I think TLC hides the extreme views of their reality family because they don’t want to alienate a segment of their audience.

Vicky, I have a guess that you think Jeremy would be accepting because of his image on the show and his experience with dwarfism and that difference? I think that’s why people in general have been disappointed about as they learned more about Jeremy Roloff. He should be more accepting because of his experience, but is not.

To that point, that’s why I don’t accept “he’s a teenager” as an excuse for him to say “fa*gg*t” and mock gay people. Jeremy as a teenager not only knows that “midget” is wrong and hurtful, but claims to actually confront people that use it. He made that statement (about the hurt the word “midget” causes) when he was 16.

Honestly Vicky, and you seem like a reasonable person, if Jeremy is old and mature enough to understand that people with dwarfism have feelings and deserve to be respected, not ridiculed, don’t you think Jeremy is old enough to know that the N word and F*ggot are not acceptable and it’s not nice to mock gay people just like he wouldn’t approve of people that mock his family members for having dwarfism?

Lastly Vicky, I don’t think it’s true that every teen says racist and homophobic things. But if Jeremy simply made a “mistake” that went on for many years and most likely is still going on, if he felt bad about what he said he would have simply apologized and said he learned his lesson and will stop. He didn’t do that. Jeremy didn’t even apologize. He didn’t say he was wrong. He didn’t explain at all.

I don’t think Jeremy is stupid. I think he knows “fagg*t” is insulting towards gay people and I think Jeremy knows that it’s nice to mock people for being different than he is. He did those things. He said those things. And even after it landed him in the National Enquirer as a “Bigot”, he didn’t even say he was sorry.

I don’t think anyone should let Jeremy Roloff off the hook for it when he didn’t even apologize or admit that he was wrong.

Jeremy Roloff is 18 and half years old

November 22, 2008

I was reading a discussion yesterday about Matt Roloff answering screened questions on his official site.  It was a telephone interview. One of the questions was about Jeremy, he walked in and supposedly said he wants to answer questions about himself (of course he wasn’t asked about the elephant in the room – his appearance in the National Enquirer for using racist language and called a gay bashing bigot).

Anyhow – Jeremy’s statement about speaking for himself was interesting because, well, he hasn’t. Ever. Jeremy is famous for not answering anything. He didn’t even address the National Enquirer article himself. His dad did.

It got me thinking. Jeremy Roloff is not Jacob Roloff. He is not 11 years old. Imagine being almost 19 years old and still having your daddy speak for you – because you’re either afraid to or can’t without being a jerk and winding up in the National Enquirer.

In the past, I’ve seen friends of Jeremy Roloff attempt to defend Jeremy’s gay bashing terms or his mocking of gays. But never Jeremy himself. Even after Jeremy landed himself in the National Enquirer, again it is Daddy to the rescue.

Man, he’s going to be 19 years old in a few months. It’s about time to start speaking for himself and being accountable. I don’t know if Jeremy’s statement about answering for himself is a new change in direction or an isolated comment because  this telephone interview was through a screened moderator who is basically a Matt Roloff employee.

I wonder if he’s starting to feel some embarrassment over being as old as he is and still not speaking for himself and that’s why he said what he did in that “interview”.

Little People Big World – Roloff family farm – ‘OMG I saw Jeremy Roloff!’ – I don’t get it…

October 19, 2008

I was talking to Lisa today (who is a little person), I found out she doesn’t like the show Little People, Big World. I guess it’s a misconception that all Little people think the Roloffs are the Royal family of Little People and admired by all. As she said, how would you like it if Paris Hilton was claiming to be the representative of all average-sized people? That’s what got us discussing the Roloff family.

I don’t understand fandom. Every October the Roloffs open their farm up to the public, on the record they do it for “pumpkins” (gotta pretend to be a farm), but they charge money for tours, they have a store of merchandise. they sell – including jars of Roloff dirt. I’m not kidding. 

People go there by the thousands hoping to get a picture with a precious Roloff. They’ll report “Wow! I saw Jeremy Roloff in the distance!!!”

Why? They haven’t even done anything to admire. Especially the kids.  What is so amazing about seeing them?

What is really pathetic about the entire thing is how fake it is. The kids will smile and shake hands to the public, than they go back to their nasty group of friends and talk about how the people that just paid money and spent hours at the Farm are idiots and how much they think the fans “suck” . Jeremy Roloff alone has more vintage vehicles than a lot of American families and he’s 18 years old. Talk about biting the hands that feeds.

I just wish people would see them for what they are. Frauds. Jeremy Roloff is a nasty kid that uses slurs like the N word, “beaner”,  gay slurs and trashes his fans. In public, they smile and talk about tolerance. With their friends, Jeremy Roloff is a nasty, obnoxious brat.

Why do people go and actually have excitement when or if they see this brat? He’s nothing to admire. He’s a phony. He uses racist and homophobic language. He trashes his own fans. He’s gotten rich from it. It really is terrible.

I think the whole Matt in Iraq theme to open up the fourth season of Little People, Big World was to generate some good publicity after a summer of scandal for the Roloffs. It’s hard for people to say something bad about seeing poor little suffering children who are still smiling in a war-torn place like Iraq.

People watch that thinking the Roloff’s should be knighted and they line up for hours just to get a glimpse of an 18 year old spoiled brat that uses racist language and mocking gays and insulting the very people that make his rich lifestyle possible,. It’s really pathetic. They should be ashamed of themselves. I used to think Amy Roloff was cool, but not now knowing what a nasty son she has raised in Jeremy Roloff.