Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer Racist and gay bashing comments

In my earlier post, vicky posted a comment. I decided to respond with a new post. Thank you for the comment, by the way, even though we disagree. You’re civil and I enjoyed reading your opinion.

Hi Vicky. I don’t think any of those friends of Jeremy are gay. If one is, they certainly aren’t “out”. It is a uber-Christian school and as you said there is the religious factor. I actually just a read an article about Amy Roloff supporting Focus on the Family. That says it all about their feelings on homsexuality.

I think you’re giving Jeremy far too much credit. I don’t think he’s accepting at all (or any of the Roloffs the more we learn about them) at people that are different from what they are and what they believe. I think TLC hides the extreme views of their reality family because they don’t want to alienate a segment of their audience.

Vicky, I have a guess that you think Jeremy would be accepting because of his image on the show and his experience with dwarfism and that difference? I think that’s why people in general have been disappointed about as they learned more about Jeremy Roloff. He should be more accepting because of his experience, but is not.

To that point, that’s why I don’t accept “he’s a teenager” as an excuse for him to say “fa*gg*t” and mock gay people. Jeremy as a teenager not only knows that “midget” is wrong and hurtful, but claims to actually confront people that use it. He made that statement (about the hurt the word “midget” causes) when he was 16.

Honestly Vicky, and you seem like a reasonable person, if Jeremy is old and mature enough to understand that people with dwarfism have feelings and deserve to be respected, not ridiculed, don’t you think Jeremy is old enough to know that the N word and F*ggot are not acceptable and it’s not nice to mock gay people just like he wouldn’t approve of people that mock his family members for having dwarfism?

Lastly Vicky, I don’t think it’s true that every teen says racist and homophobic things. But if Jeremy simply made a “mistake” that went on for many years and most likely is still going on, if he felt bad about what he said he would have simply apologized and said he learned his lesson and will stop. He didn’t do that. Jeremy didn’t even apologize. He didn’t say he was wrong. He didn’t explain at all.

I don’t think Jeremy is stupid. I think he knows “fagg*t” is insulting towards gay people and I think Jeremy knows that it’s nice to mock people for being different than he is. He did those things. He said those things. And even after it landed him in the National Enquirer as a “Bigot”, he didn’t even say he was sorry.

I don’t think anyone should let Jeremy Roloff off the hook for it when he didn’t even apologize or admit that he was wrong.


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16 Responses to “Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer Racist and gay bashing comments”

  1. Anon Says:

    Well said. I agree!

  2. anonymous Says:

    I saw the comments he wrote, and the fact of the matter is that a MAJORITY of teen boys in highschool leave comments like that otn myspace and talk like that. I am in highschool, and I would say over half boys in the school about 75% talk like that, use names like that in a joking matter.
    No it is not right, but Jeremy is no worse than any other teen, besides the fact that he is in the spotlight.

  3. Derek Says:

    Jeremy Roloff is a major hypocrite. Don’t tell people to be all sensitive to dwarfs when he’s going around saying the N word and f*g. Hypocrite.

  4. Sabra Says:

    Oh my Lord! Give the kid a break! I’m 17 years old and in high school. I know SO many people that use words like that, and worse, in a joking manner. No, it’s not right or very polite, but you know what, what’s the difference in Jeremy and another teenage boy? Nothing! So what, he’s on TLC? That means nothing. He still acts the way normal teenage boys act, and he has that right. Yes, boys are immature, and I’m sure Jeremy has a lot of growing up to do. But get off his back! It’s not like he was calling homosexuals these names, or making fun of a homosexual in any way. He was simply, speaking to his friends the way EVERY OTHER TEENAGE BOY speaks. It seems you have quite the problem with Jeremy Roloff, though, considering you write many things about him. He’s 18 or so years old, and he didn’t ask for TLC to come film him and make his family “famous.”

    If you went a myspace page, and saw some other boy saying the exact same thing, I guarantee you wouldn’t be typing so badly about that random boy. If you would like to see other boys his age speaking this way, then create a myspace and check the comments of some young boys.

    Like I said, though, get off the kids back. Plenty of people go around saying “the N word,” as a joke. That what kids do, they JOKE around. Listen to a rap song, I guarantee you’ll hear that word. Does that mean 98% of rappers are “racist and black bashing?”

    No, get over it, move on with your life, and stop obsessing over the myspace comments of an 18 year old boy.

  5. random Says:

    Odds are if any of you have kids they are saying the same thing, no matter what you believe. Even if you think you’ve taught them well, all teen kids have muttered these words. Give him a break, he’s no different from other kids’s just that he’s constantly being filmed. Hell, I’m sure there would be a group of people on a website quite similar to this discussing comments that you have made if you were always being filmed and on national tv. Let him be, and like the person who said stop obsessing over myspace comments…I could not agree more.

  6. jay Says:

    a fag chooses to be a fag they dont choose to be little

  7. Paul Says:

    Jay – you really must have suffered severe brain damage at some point in your life. How tragic!

  8. Audita Says:

    People don’t choose to be gay. This is a major untruth and it is commonly taught in uber christian circles. I have a gay daughter. She went through emotional hell because she was gay and knew from Jr. High School. I didn’t know untill just after she graduated high school. She suffered serious depression and considered suicide. One of the highest suicide rates is among gay teenagers. It must be awful to realize that you are something that your church and your family is likely to reject. I hope that in time, fundamental christianity gets real with this issue and stops teaches untruths. I understand they are terrified “their” chidren will be gay. Unfortunately, all the misinformation only leads to more problems and more suicide for those who are born that way. I personally have come to realize that God would not make someone a certain way and then turn around and condemn them for it.

  9. Mark Taylor Says:

    I am gay and would be absolutely shocked to find out Jeremy is not. His look, mannerisms, voice – gay, gay gay. Plus he dates average women. Dating for looks is shallow but so are teens. If he was straight he would have the hottest girlfriend. Instead he has hot guy friends who he is frequently seen topless with, all the while flopping around in revealing soccer shorts. As for his comments it is his Christian upbringing that fuels these. The people that are the most outspoken with their homophobia almost always end up being gay. Ted Haggard is a prime example of this hypocrisy. The homophobic preacher Rick Warren will eventually get caught in some gay scandal. Fred Phelps (God Hates Fags) is clearly a closeted homosexual. It’s all he thinks about. I wouldn’t be surprised if our current pope is a homosexual. One look at those bright red Prada shoes tells me he’s a friend of Dorothy. Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Jim West, Jim Baker, Armstrong Williams, Glenn Murphy Jr, Jim Guckert, Trent Lott, Bob Allen, Jerry Falwell (Yes, I’m accusing Jerry Falwell of being a closeted homosexual), I also think Ken Hutcherson and Karl Rove are. The list is as long as their hypocrisies. I’m not saying that Jeremy is in the league of these hypocrites, he’s just spouting boy rhetoric, but I believe he also uses homophobia to steer the obvious truth away from himself. I imagine he uses it because he is angry for having, what he has been taught are unnatural feelings. Hopefully when Jeremy goes to college we’ll get to see the coming out episode. At the least we’ll get to see some very sexy hazing. All kidding aside I believe Jeremy would be one of the greatest role models for the normalization of homosexuality. Plus he would make a fine future ex Mr. Mark Taylor.

  10. Mitchell C Says:

    “Plus he dates average women. Dating for looks is shallow but so are teens. If he was straight he would have the hottest girlfriend.”

    Mark Taylor, that’s a good point. I’m not as convinced as other people that Jeremy is gay, but the lack of a stunning beauty of a girlfriend does raise some questions, because everything about Jeremy points to him being a shallow person. He’s not a deep, intellectual kind of guy. LOL.

    I see your point on that, but it could be nothing more than not being a lot to choose from. The Roloff kids are so sheltered it’s not even funny. They’ve known the same Christian kids since kindergarten. Their school is tiny. I don’t think the girls in his school are future models. These are the girls he knows, that could be the reason for not having knock-out looking girl.

    I don’t think Jeremy is gay though. The way he is with his friends are all mocking. It’s a form of hate from religious kids like Jeremy. They’re not mature enough (I’m not calling hate mongers mature but I hope you see the point) to unleash speeches about homosexuality and they aren’t evil enough to physically attack someone for being gay, so they hate by ridiculing being gay with how they talk and act.

    When Jeremy goes to college I predict that’s when he will have the beautiful model type girlfriend and he will still be the same bigoted jerk he is today.

  11. Private Says:

    I agree Jeremy is gay. I never knew boys, especially teen boys who hug shirtless. When Jeremy and Zach came back from vacation Jacob Muller ran up to him, lept up on him, and hugged him. Not to mention the fact he was on vacation with them. What he couldn’t stand to be away from him??? Jeremy is a carbon copy of Emmitt from Queer as Folk. Jeremy is too flamboyant to be straight. Yeah, yeah he gay bashes. So what, he’s just uncomfortable with his hidden sexuality. The education Jeremy will get in college will be in his new found homosexuality. Good for him!!

  12. bird Says:

    i don’t think you people realize what jer does is mocking. if you knew the way he talks and text, you’d die of shock.

    the reason why friends of jer’s always insults fans is because fans talk about his image and jer couldn’t be farther from what he’s really like.

    a wholesome boy who doesn’t smoke pot and respects all people? hahahaha.

    jer and all his friends think gay people are disgusting. if they didn’t they wouldn’t be going to faith or other christian schools in the area.

    just today my sister talked to one of jer’s friends and she used the word faggot about 18 times. and she doesn’t have any friends that don’t smoke pot. she’s friends with jer. get it?

    it’s amazing to see what people think he’s like from the make believe tv image.

  13. Private Says:

    I guess you missed the part that says Jeremy gay bashes because he is uncomfortable with his sexuality. I do believe he goes to a Christian school because that’s where his parents enrolled him. After all it’s his parents that are paying his tuition NOT him.

  14. bird Says:

    you’re wrong. he gay bashes because he’s christian and everybody here don’t like gays because it’s against what the Bible says.

    he doesn’t show that he doesn’t like what gay people do by beating them with bats. he does it by mocking them and the way he talks.

  15. Private Says:

    Oh I see, so he acts like he’s gay, something he is against. And doing it anytime the camera is on him?? Seems like a lot of work to me. Funny nobody called him out on talking or acting like it. And by the way, gay bashing does NOT always mean violence. You really need to be educated on the subject of gay bashing. He hates the term “midget”, but it’s ok to hate gays? Great religion there. Gee, I’ll convert tomorrow. I feel so much better now. Being gay is not a choice just like being a dwarf is not a choice. Read a science book. Who in their right mind would choose to be hated by people like you? What are you like 12? Get the facts before you write stupid statements. And by the way, if a christian eats shellfish, their going against the bible.

  16. Aimie Says:

    People need to stop trying to minimize this by saying that “teenagers speak like that” as an excuse just because they think Jeremy is cute.
    I am 20 years old and it hasn’t been long since I was a teen myself. Yes, you hear 13 year olds making idiotic remarks, but at 18 you have reached a maturity level that should keep you from using that type of language.
    At my school, you’d never hear a senior using those words, and if they did they’d be reprehended by the board of discipline (I went to a private Catholic school).
    Besides if it’s ok for Jeremy and his friends to use those words because they are “young” , then I guess I should start using the word “midget” again huh? After all I am only 20, and kids my age speak all like that… pffff get real.

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