The type of Christian Jeremy Roloff and his friends represent

I’ve come to the conclusion that Jeremy Roloff is not my favorite person (do ya think? haha).

I’ve wrote about some of the reasons. They’re all valid reasons.  But I was thinking about what it really is about Jeremy Roloff that I dislike in a person?

I think it’s that Jeremy Roloff and his friends represent the kind of Christians that I can’t stand. If Jeremy and his “buds” didn’t do so much talking and advertising about how much they love God and how they live for Christ, he probably wouldn’t grate on my nerves like he does.

Jeremy has a part in a book (at least it’s credited to him) about his faith in God and trying to be Christ like.  He’s told his daddy’s staffer (because Jer isn’t grown up enough to do a real interview) that God steers his life. He had a few things to that effect on his Myspace page before he got busted for using every slur imaginable, being a hypocrite and basically, just not a very nice person.  If you don’t know about that, this place explains it in more detail than I have.

When his page was public, he said he read the Bible at night and he had Christian videos from You Tube of Lifehouse’s ‘Everything’ song done by a Christian theatrical group about Jesus saving a girl contemplating suicide. Many of Jeremy’s friends were the same way, they had bios all about God and how they want to live like Jesus did, etc, etc. Amy Roloff wrote a letter for a Church on their summer tour that they’re using their opportunity to travel to touch people’s lives and help bring Jesus to more people. Right.

OK. So God is in control and you have a guy like Jeremy who wants to be Christ like. OK. So if God is controlling everything, God puts him in a position where he has a platform (some degree of fame) to reach people. He has people that are drawn to him from no doing  or accomplishment of his own, just that he has dwarf family members.

Wouldn’t this guy that loves God so much, want to take advantage of this sort of influence God has given him over people and the position he is in where he has people who want to listen to him and ( for reasons I can’t explain) think he’s special? If I really believed in God and Christ like Jeremy and his “buds” say they do, I would take the position God put me in very seriously. It’s a chance to be an example to people of what it means to be a Christian. It’s a chance to show God that you’re using the gifts and blessings he has given you in a positive way. They have a chance to have an effect on people.

So what do our guys that love God so much and want to be like Christ do with their “fame”? They insult the very people that are drawn to them. Quite cruelly too, I might add. I usually get into arguments with “Jeremy” fans who haven’t yet seen him for his true colors, but I think if you’re any kind of a decent person with compassion when you see someone, whether it’s annoying girl with a crush or just someone who admires someone in some way, you don’t want to see them treated with cruelness.  Jeremy and his friends were very open with how they despised those fans that God has blessed them with.

Jeremy and his friends made it clear they want nothing to do with them. They weren’t shy about insulting his admirers.  There’s a few highly publicized stories about Jeremy and his friends mocking a girl that made a fan page in honor of him. There’s an even more well known story about Jeremy’s buds telling one of his loyal fans to kill herself because she was such a loser and I believe it was Jeremy’s “Best Bud For Life” Mueller that also said that or wrote her just to call her a “Bitch”. Ironic that Jeremy had a video on his Myspace page of Jesus saving a girl from suicide when his BFF’s are talking to people like that.  Somehow, inexplicably, our wonderfully Christian Jeremy Roloff and his buds aren’t bothered in the least by having in such an ugly way.

So that’s the way Christian Jeremy and his Christian friends treat people that look up to them and that he has some influence over. They’re cruel, insulting, want nothing to do with them, completely ungrateful for the things their support has enabled them to receive.  They talk about these fans (or people God has blessed them with) like they’re scum. If that’s not bad enough, to really push it over the edge, when the friends want to mooch off the Roloffs fame, such as to support for their music, they ask for the fan support but still make it very clear that they don’t like the fans, they just want their support (cough cough**Daniel Meichtry* cough).

What type of Christians are these?  Jeremy and his buds? If they really cared or believed in what they say, why not act with some basic human kindness towards people who are willing to listen to them? Isn’t that the way to make God proud? A value of a life is the influence you can have on another and how to they choose to influence others? With mean-spiritedness.

Nothing sinks in with them. They behave like nasty punks, and they still talk about God. What is wrong with them seriously? That’s what gives God and Christians a bad name. They don’t practice what they say they believe in. They don’t even try. But they write or talk about how they want to be like Christ and they think that puts them in God’s good books in their warped world?

If they’re going to spout off about God and how Christian they are, use the blessings God has given them in the form of their fame and an audience of people willing to listen to them to do some good and spread some kindness. If somebody  believed what they say, that’s what they do. And I don’t think it’s that hard to not be a jerk to people.

If Jeremy Roloff wants to be a stuck up jerk to people, I wish he would stop talking about how much God is guiding his life.


10 Responses to “The type of Christian Jeremy Roloff and his friends represent”

  1. Mitchell C Says:

    I don’t think there is anything Christian about Jeremy. He’s too self-centered to be a real, caring Christian. Yes, there are Christians who are actually caring towards everybody.

    The only thing important to Jeremy is Jeremy and his posse. The God talk is just words.

    Jeremy never backs up his words with actions.

  2. Marie Says:

    I don’t like Jeremy because I think he is a very fake person. One day he will need to answer to his higher power for his treatment of people.

  3. Paul Chilton Says:

    Jeremy would be shocked if he met a real Christian and saw how a Christian is really supposed to carry themselves.

    I hope one day he will have some regrets about his behavior. His friends aren’t nice people, but that is not an excuse for Jeremy. You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

  4. laura s Says:

    i’ve found private christian school kids to be really very nasty. it’s a bit of a stereoytpe but its usually true.

    i know and have known a couple of people at faith bible and they are very close-minded people and not very nice to outsiders. like most bigots, they are nice to their own group and nasty to the rest.

  5. Jamal Says:

    The Roloff’s are the type that probably supported Prop 8 even though they don’t live in California. They consider their own lives to be saintly and other people to be heathens. Funny how they are so judgmental and willing to rip apart other families that have been together longer then them.

  6. universaluprising Says:


    Good guess! Who was one of the biggest supporters of Prop 8? Focus On The Family and other groups like that.

    Take a look at Amy Roloffs website

    Who does she support in her links page? Focus On The Family

    Thats just another reason why I think the Roloffs are hypocrites. Amy said her biggest fear used to be that her children would be taken away from her and she would be denied the right to have a family.

    It would have killed her if that happened but she supports FOTF and she’s supporting doing that to someone else. She’s a hypocrite.

    It’s too bad because Amy is cool on the show.

  7. Janet Says:

    “Christians” like Jeremy put true Christians and God to shame. They have no business calling themselves Christians.

  8. K_Dino Says:

    i dont have much to say because im Wiccan and i dont really know the Christian rules but i do know that the words Jeremy said hurt my family because my brother, cuzings and uncle are gay and there the most fun and loving people i know

  9. anonymous Says:

    This will give you answers

  10. jayne Says:

    You can sit there and pick out every fault about Jeremy and his friends and say how he is such a bad example of a Christian… Yet you yourself are going against Christian ways.
    Isn’t true that a Christian should not judge? That you should take the plank out of your eye before you remove the speck from you brother? Who gave you the right to judge and make accusations of how this teenage boy talks with his friends… and yes, they may have made hurtful and careless remarks, but have you not?
    Lucky for you, you don’t have the whole world making opinions, accusing you of a hypocritical disappointment and posting it all over the internet.

    These days, kids talk like that, and it’s not referring to their views but is language picked up from the media. I’m 16 and sometimes use careless phrases like Jeremy had used, but my intentions are completely different to what they sound, and yes some say it’s a dirty mouth, but really is just a meaningless habit that kids these days have picked up with intentions of nothing. And I admit, it is careless, but blame the media for feeding us it, it is how the world is now. We don’t mean to use it to harm others.

    If you think he has said some nasty things, I’m pretty sure you have too. I mean this article is pretty nasty and definitely gives Christians a bad name. He is still learning. Yes what he said would have been hurtful to some, but this is a learning experience. It’s people like you who make everyone believe that Christians are judgmental and hypocritical.

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