Matt, Amy, Zach, Jacob, Molly and Jeremy Roloff -The Monday Night Midgets

Usually when I watch the Roloffs on Little People Big World Monday’s it’s not a group event. A couple of weeks ago some buddies of mine were bored and what are a bunch of  teenage guys to do on Mondays now that Football season is over? Watch a bunch of midgets of course! Football – Midgets. You see the similarities. LOL.

My friends Tim and Sean came over to watch the Roloffs. The night started off hilariously as Tim made his entrance as any good guy who is up for an hour of watching midgets – on his knees and waddled all the way from the door to the couch. I should tell you, Tim is not my smartest friend, we always joke with him that he’s as dumb as a dwarf and he kept up his reputation for the rest of the night. LOL.

The little freaky midgets did not disappoint. Matt, as Tim calls him, Papa Midget (bad smurf joke-HAHA) was going to Iraq to what else, save more midgets. Sean joked about what a pointless mission it was, I mean they’re midgets from Iraq? Do we really want to save the future generation of Iraqi terrorists, midget style? LOL. Almost peed my pants at that one.

We’re just a bunch American teenagers so what we saw next was one of the biggest freak shows the 3 of us have seen. Midget Matt and the doctor dude (like Sean said, that dude has it made, he’ got rich off sawing bones of midgets his whole life. Now that’s the American Dream!) had a clinic in Iraq. Most hilarious scene of the night. The camera pans to the entrance and it’s sea of Iraqi midgets! Invasion of the midgets!  The whole room was full of midgets everywhere!

There wasn’t much back on the homefront much to my disappointment. Amy the mom is one hit midget Mama. LOL. Sean doesn’t like her because she’s always so pissy. After we saw a scene with Amy and Jeremy (not a midget) in the kitchen, I said no wonder why Amy is aways bitching at Jeremy, her head is right at the same height as Jeremy’s butt. If you had to talk around all the time  bumping your face into Jeremy’s butt, you’d be grouchy too! Cut the lil midget mom some slack. LOL.  That got everyone laughing.

When the show was over, Tim got on his knees again and waddled out of the room to salute the Roloff family for giving us a hilarious hour of laughter. He said he was going out to find is a midget of his own, but he was just being, well…a moronic midget. LOL.

If you have a night with your friends and you don’t know what do, I’d highly recommend watching the midgets on Mondays.  A good time was had by all. LOL


5 Responses to “Matt, Amy, Zach, Jacob, Molly and Jeremy Roloff -The Monday Night Midgets”

  1. Nicole Says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t you learn anything from watching their show. They are good people. They don’t deserve to be made fun of and disrespected. You’re very ignorant and not funny.

  2. Cathy Anderson Says:

    It’s disrespectful to mock them because they’re different. You aren’t better than they are. Not at all. Grow up.

  3. The_Joker Says:

    typical American humor……you all make me fucking sick i hope you all die a slow and painful death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chance Says:

    not typical american humor. this guy is not funny even though he thinks he is. people like this sicken us Americans too

  5. kelly Says:

    don’t know the roloffs personally, but the ”fame” and attention that goes with being on reality t.v. is stressful and can be damaging, especially to young adolecent.

    i guess maybe that might have to do with jeremy’s poor attitude. not giving excuses but jeremy’s parents are little people and honestly his life has been slightly affected by that, meaning he has probably encountered people treating them really horribly so maybe he doesn’t have a soft heart about being a sweety to everyone he meets. hopefully as he gets a bit older his attitude will get a little better

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