Jeremy Roloff is a male chauvinistic pig in addition to being a racist gay bashing bigot

Mark  another one up for Jeremy James Roloff.  It’s been well documented that Jeremy uses racist language, uses homophobic language,  Jer and his friends makes fun of people with disabilities (on a serious note, it’s a good thing they didn’t put the camera on Jeremy and Mueller tonight when they showed the young man at the little people conference with the learning disability that helped with the dinner.  Ya just know that when Jeremy, Mueller and his gang of ignorant punks are together that’s the type of person they would have fun ridiculing. Mueller and Jeremy like to make fun of down syndrome and deaf kids, that guy doesn’t fit into either of those groups, but I’m sure Jeremy and Mueller would still be able to find reason to ridicule him.

But on top of Jeremy Roloff already being known as a racist, homophobic, a stuck up jerk that ignores (and when he doesn’t he insults) his own fans, but tonight he showed himself as a male chauvinistic pig.

While Amy is backing up the van, Jeremy Roloff opens his big mouth:

“Women drivers and backing up are the worst.”

This coming from a guy, Jeremy Roloff, that backed into a brand new garage!!!

Jeremy Roloff is really quite the amazing guy. He’s able to offend his own fan club, he offends blacks,  mexicans, asians, jewish people, muslims,  gay and lesbian people, down syndrome and deaf people, gas station employees (remember Jeremy’s “they’re dumb high school drop-outs” comment) and now he adds women to the list.

Jeremy Roloff is really on a roll in this season of Little People Big World. This week he’s dissing women, last week he’s showing his brilliance by telling about how a tick will burrow its head into the bloodstream, go inside your heart, grow back its body and eat you from the inside out. He also actually took the flame of the lighter and put it against his little brother’s skin.

What is next Jeremy Roloff? How much of a dumb, offensive, ignorant jerk will he be? Who will he insult next?


4 Responses to “Jeremy Roloff is a male chauvinistic pig in addition to being a racist gay bashing bigot”

  1. Chris Says:

    First off, Jeremy’s comment about “women drivers” was obviously a joke. Assuming that you are a male, I would be VERY surprised if you had never said similar things. Furthermore, If any woman is ‘offended’ by that, then they are in for a dose of reality.

    Also, it is hypocritical to judge people like you are perfect. Imagine if you starred in your own reality show…wouldn’t it be possible that something you say could be misconstrued as offensive? Well, if you’re the judge then probably so. If we want to talk about things being offensive, I’ll point out your post on 2/27/09. That post was filled with words and things that would be offensive to little people.

    We must remember that this is simply a television show documenting the real, everyday lives of a family. There will be things said that one may agree with, and things that one doesn’t agree with. I understand that this is a “opinion” site and you are entitled to your own opinion, but this is mine.

    I am not trying to pardon any inappropriate behaviors or words either occurring recently or in the past, but just try to put yourselves in the shoes of the other person before analyzing an individual. Thank you.

  2. Mr Mike Says:

    Yes, Jeremy is a racist pig. I went to school with him for several years before I had to move with my family to the East Coast. I don’t want anyone to find out who I am, because I can get in big trouble with the Roloffs. I had to sign a waiver several years back indicating I would not speak to the press or blob about Jeremy’s problems with the Mexicans in his school. He organized a bunch of kids basically to not speak to the Mexicans and give them the silent treatment, as Jeremy was convinced they were “illegal wetbacks” (HIS words NOT mine). The guy is a racist, believe me. His family are die-hard Palin supporters and Jeremy has attended (against Matt Roloff’s advice NOT to attend and bring bad publicity to the show) many tea party’s in the Oregon/Washington area. He is a die hard “Patriot” and also pals around with a couple of known white surpremist’s.

  3. Mike Says:

    Chris: The Problem with people like you, just like the Roloff Parent’s, you make excuses for people instead of acting like a man and admitting there’s a problem and fixing it!!
    Keep burying your head in the sand, that’s how everything gets resolved!!
    If my parent’s heard me speaking in such a manner while living in there home, I would have had a bar of soap for dinner!!
    Secondly, my parent’s preached acceptance, not hatred!!
    It’s interesting to hear Jeremy, who’s parents have experienced racism, have a child so filled with it!!!
    Why so much anger coming from him??

  4. kelly Says:

    if true, jeremy sux!

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