Jeremy Roloff is almost 19 years old

An update to one of the earlier blogs that Jeremy Roloff is 18 years old.

He is a couple of months from being 19 and still amazing me at where he is in life as a general human being.

He still can’t speak for himself. He’s still hiding behind his daddy letting him clean up his messes.

The latest episode lumps Zach into it too. “Occassional Watcher” posted a comment that took most of the words out of my mouth so here is the summary:

I  just watched the show where they took their SATs.  What a hoot, mommy signs them up, cooks them breakfast, wakes them up and hustles them out the door to take a test they obviously couldn’t give a crap about passing.  A major clue as to what kind of students they are, they had to ask mommy if she had a calculator.  What high school student doesn’t have a calculator?  General Studies students who aren’t planning to go to college, that’s who.  Most of those students have some sort of skill, what do these twins bring to the table?

In this case, they haven’t matured enough to leave their little family farm and live on their own.  They’d probably whine themselves to death about how they have to do laundry, find a meal, do that learning thing and not have all the toys from home along with them!

What a mess, we’ll see them ten years from now on a special about early 2000 Reality Show Stars, Where Are They Now?  They’ll be sitting around the house bytching mommy out about how miserable and washed up they are.    Wah…

That is all spot on. Jeremy Zach are almost 19 and they still don’t give a crap about SATs. Their mommy still wakes them up, dresses them, feeds them, does their paperwork, gives Jeremy paper and pencils.

The only thing that save Zach from annoying me as much as Jeremy Roloff is he seems to realize when he was a dumbass and should be embarrassed.  His hang dog comment that he will be working for Matt the rest of his life will probably be true and he wasn’t proud of it.

Not so for Jeremy! Good ol Jer is right there to say he didn’t do that bad even before he looked at his results. He said he’s great at everything else in life except for that…embarrassment, shame and guilt are emotions Jeremy never has.  It’s so annoying to see someone who thinks they are a God among men when really he should be hanging his head in shame.


One Response to “Jeremy Roloff is almost 19 years old”

  1. corey Says:

    gotta admit it tho. beneath that empty head is a gorgeous teenage body. only reason to watch that stupid show lol.

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