Roloff family asks for charity money- they’re frigging rich! Disgusting…

God, the Roloffs have reached a new low.  Here are a few factual statements.

1. Matt Roloff has said each of the kids get a weekly pay check for doing the tv show.

2. Matt Roloff has said TLC pays for anything they film.

3. The Roloffs made their house into a mansion. Jeremy alone has 3 vehicles, a 1972 BMW, a 1969 GMC truck and a 1960-something camaro.  Bottom line – they’re rich from the show. Good for them.

But this is disgusting. The Roloffs, specifically Matt and Zach sent out a letter asking for charity donation. Zach wants to go to Ireland to play in the “Dwarf games”  in July and bring 8 other Little People to play sports. They say it costs $3,500 per kid. They are asking for companies or even wealthy individuals to give them charity money and pay, not only for the other kids but for Zach!

This is disgusting. The Roloffs are rich. There is no reason why they can’t pay for Zach or the whole team for that matter. TLC is filming it. According to what Matt said in the past, that means TLC would pay for it. It’s for the show, the Roloffs are getting paid.  But they’re asking for sponsors to pay for Zach! They just took a vacation to the Virgin Islands and took Jeremy’s racist  and gay slur spewing friend “Mueller” who likes to please God with Jeremy by using hate speech and insulting fans (that Jeremy is such a good Chrisitan boy! ) They can afford to go on vacations all year long and take friends along, but they have their greedy hands reaching out asking for charity.

That is the lowest of the low. Some company out of greed will probably go for it, but I truly hope decency wins out. The Roloffs asking for charity to pay for Zach to play soccer in Ireland when they are perfecting capable of paying themselves is as bad as people who make good money stealing food from a homeless shelter because they want to eat for free or signing up for those Christmas programs to give children who won’t have Christmas presents a gift…when really the family can afford it and they are just greedy and cheap.

There are so many good causes, needy people who could benefit from charity donations or corporate sponsorship. The Roloff family trying to dig up sponsorship charity donations for Zach when they are rich is despicable.

I also love how they play the diversity card. The Roloffs are champions of all diversity causes! Maybe Zach can let Jeremy say a few words and treat the diversity groups to some  N word and F*g and Beaner comments.

Anybody know a good  watchdog organization about frauds that ask for charity donations when they actually are rich and live in a Mansion?

This is the letter they sent. They very clearly say Zach and 8 friends. Then they say 9 sponsorships are needed at $3500.  God, I’m throwing up as I’m typing this. A guy living in a mansion, getting paid to play soccer, is asking for donations to pay for his trip!

DAAA Soccer Event

April 2nd, 2009

My name is Zach Roloff and I can’t wait to tell you about this exciting and unique opportunity.  I realize that in these economic times, national advertisement dollars may be in short supply.  For this reason, I am presenting your company with an opportunity to share your values and commitment to diversity to millions of TV viewers.  Let me

If you’ve seen Discovery Channel/TLC’s family hit TV series Little People Big World, (currently filming its 5fth season) then you’re familiar with my family, the Roloffs living our lives on our large farm near Portland, Oregon.  My soccer team, The Grasshogs, have been featured in several episodes, including competing in the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA) national Soccer Championships.

Can you imagine being under 4 feet tall and trying to play competitive sports against
someone 2 feet taller than you?  Soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming or
track ~ to say it is discouraging and sometimes down right impossible is an

DAAA and the World Dwarf Organization offer life changing opportunities for dwarfs and persons of short stature to be able to compete as true athletes in both individual and team sporting events.  Both organizations are highly committed to promoting public awareness, tolerance, education, character building and promoting self esteem across all barriers of people with differences…  Most importantly they are constantly hard at work to blaze a trail of acceptance and understanding for anyone who is perceived as “different”.

For the past 2 years, our team has won the Gold Medal in soccer at DAAA.  Now, in honor of our achievements, myself and 8 elite little person athletes have been invited to
Belfast, Ireland to represent the USA at the 2009 World Dwarf Organization’s 5th World
Games in July of this year.

We need your help!

9 sponsorships are needed (at a cost of $3500.00 each) to help fund our USA team (called The Statesman) to Belfast, Ireland.  Your sponsorship(s) will help us cover the cost of travel, lodging, and the registration fees required for us to be able to participate
in this exciting world wide event.

The amazing journey we are on to get our team to Ireland is quite remarkable (and is a perfect platform for Little People Big World to demonstrate its dedication to educating
society on tolerance and opening the hearts & minds of millions). Our raw and un-scripted plight to secure these sponsorship(s) along with coverage of our exciting
weekend long soccer practice camp (to be held at our famous Oregon farm) are sure to
be dramatic and inspirational TV show highlights (concluding with my entire family
cheering us on at the World Games)!

In appreciation for your sponsorship(s) we will proudly print your company name and
logo on our players jerseys (to be worn at all events).  A large banner will also be
displayed showing your organizations commitment to acceptance.

In addition, a representative from your organization is invited to come and visit Roloff
Farms during our soccer practice camp (to be held here at Roloff Farms where I live and where much of Little People Big World is filmed).  I want you to be able to see and experience first hand what your generous contribution can do!

Finally, and in conjunction with all outlined above, your company will greatly benefit from the inevitable news/media exposure this event will receive AND from the million plus loyal fans who tune in to watch Little People Big World each week.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  Your immediate consideration is appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Zachary Roloff


2 Responses to “Roloff family asks for charity money- they’re frigging rich! Disgusting…”

  1. MattNeedsSomeNewColoredSweaters Says:

    D bags. Little People Big Money.

  2. Lio Says:

    I like Zachary stop

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