Roloff family hierarchy = Jeremy Roloff golden boy, Jacob Roloff garbage can

I must comment on the show a few weeks ago.

The episode that could have been called “Jacob sucks”. An entire episode dedicated to humiliating an 11/12 year old. In depth talk about how Jake is the Roloffs most challenging child. He’s humilated for bad language (he said “Molly F’ed us”). They follow him around crying. Amy says on camera that she doesn’t want to be around him and is taking his friend home. They talk about how annoying he is. In the episode before the Jacob sucks episode, Matt finally admits he has a crappy relationship with Jake.

Don’t you love it? Jeremy is in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for using RACIST and HOMOPHOBIC language and Matt and Amy do everything they can to cover it up and avoid talking about. They sure aren’t going to humilate Jeremy. It’s all about protecting Jeremy.

But the 12 year old? Lets do a whole episode about how “challenging” he is and his bad language.

The question I have is how old will Jake be when he realizes how differently Matt and Amy treat him compared to Jeremy and Zach? Jake is already smarter than both of them so it shouldn’t take long. 

The question is why do Amy and Matt treat Jake so differently than Jeremy? The answer is easy for Matt. This is a great description about Matt’s favoritism.

“Jake is not the dwarf. He’s not the girl in the family. And he is not Jeremy. Ahh, Jeremy … in a class by himself … the pride of his parents, tall, strong and beautiful … gifted with charm, charisma and obviously the center of the freaking universe in Matt’s opinion.

And of course, that is because Matt wishes he was Jeremy. Young, healthy, filled with vigor and nothing but an open road ahead of him in life.

Jake is not Jeremy, he is not the precious perfect everything-Matt-is-not-and-wishes-he-could-have-been Jeremy, the Boy Wonder. That is, if you like your Boy Wonders to be lazy, spoiled, dependent, hate-mongering bigots.”

I hope Jake turns out to be gay…….that will be karma for Matt and Amy. Ha!

Jacob Rolof = The family whipping boy that Matt and Amy don't mind humiliating on tv

Jacob Roloff = The family whipping boy that Matt and Amy don't mind humiliating on tv

Jeremy Roloff = The racist, gay-bashing bigot who cruelly insults his fans - He is the Golden boy of the family

Jeremy Roloff = The racist, gay-bashing bigot who cruelly insults his fans - He is the Golden boy of the family


14 Responses to “Roloff family hierarchy = Jeremy Roloff golden boy, Jacob Roloff garbage can”

  1. rhiannon Says:

    Jake will grow up to be very handsome, as he is already and he’s only 12. He’ll probably measure up to Jeremy, just wait for him to grow up. Right now, Matt is so proud to have a tall, handsome, average sized son, but in time he’ll embrace Jake, too. Boys in this age group are generally obnoxious and feally their oats.

  2. Aimie Says:

    I actually think Jake will grow up to be a handsome man. Let’s hope he is not bitter. It must be tough living in the shadow of your siblings. Yes, Jake can be a bit of a pain, but he is going through puberty and well, we all have been a bit annoying at that age. He is going through hormonal changes.
    Puberty can be a tough period for a lot of people, Matt and Amy’s attitude certainly doesn’t help him. They are supposed to give him a sense of security and reassurance, if they humiliate him at 12 he will develop serious emotional issues.

  3. SLN Says:

    Jake turning out to be gay will only be hell for Jake.

  4. Robert Says:

    Racists bigots deserve what they get. Stop defending people like that. You’re just contributing to the problem.

  5. Hanna Says:

    i think that is so wrong i personaliy think that jacob is so cute and adorable and and if he were my son he would be the “golden child” and if matt and amy really cared about there kids they wouldn’t rate them.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    all i can say is jacob needs to get an attitude check.. and he is very very misbehaved. has anyone ever watched this show??? i mean i dont think he is the whipping boy… get a life people

  7. pablo Says:

    Could you please tell me the name of the episode ? I can not find it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    you are a moron. so you want jacob to be gay as a sign of karma? you are gay and not in a good way.

  9. Skank Says:

    I think Jacob is a sweet kid. I don’t know personally. But a boy needs support and guidance. He may end up being traumatized with all this. And since he’s in a family that doesn’t care seem about him, he’s giving them back what they’re giving him. But if someone were to treat him like the sweet, kind, caring, and special, beautiful boy he is then that could make a world of difference. It’s all about being positive really.

  10. Marc Says:

    I hope he is gay because hes so hot, Ill be the first one in line when he turns 18

  11. GeeWhizzed Says:

    The question everyone should be asking is, what was Jacob doing all alone in his room all the time?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jacob Roloff
    put on Your Sneaker At8Am To 1Pm At Take Off Your Sneaker To 4PM At Put Back On Your Sneaker To 8Pm At Take Off Your Sneaker For The Night

  13. Anonymous Says:

    jacob is friggin HOT ! i really like it when he struts around in those saggin skinny jeans and NO SHIRT !

  14. Anonymous Says:

    jacob is the sexiest roloff. hope they continue the series so we see more of him in his boxers

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