The Roloffs = Only for Christians

Yep. I’ve come to that conclusion. If you’re not a Christian, the Roloffs don’t give a damn about you.

Like Jeremy Roloff is the example, they are the worst type of Christians. They treat people horribly, but then fallback to “Jesus saved me” so I will go on treating people like dirt because I am a Christian.

The Roloffs should put their money where their mouths are and put it on the show that they only give fellow Christians any respect. I wonder how much of the audience they would lose if they knew to what extent the Roloffs don’t accept anyone that isn’t a Christian?

Oh, Jeremy is 19 tomorrow and still can’t talk for himself. I give a sarcastic congratulations to Matt and Amy for raising such a rude and bigoted son who at 19 can’t be trusted to talk for himself.


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