Jeremy Roloff had his high school graduation last week, congratulations…or maybe not

It’s been a big week in the life of everybody’s favorite (Sarcastic!!!!!!!!)  celebrity, tv star, author and public speaker – that is if you like your tv show stars, authors and public speakers to be racist, gay bashing bigots who lie and disrespect their own fans. There is only one person I know of who fits that description. Jeremy Roloff.

Normally you think or say “congratulations” when someone graduates high school, but in Jeremy’s case, is there a lot to celebrate?

High school graduation is a chance to reflect on the past and see where a person is at in the thing called life, the person they are now and are becoming. Jeremy is a 19 year old man and a high school graduate. Here’s how I look at his life.

Basically everybody knows that he’s been in the National Enquirer because he says racists things and makes fun of gay people. All from a guy that got patted on the back for telling people that he lectures kids if he hears them say “midget”.

He’s been on Little People Big World for the last few years where they fake an image of being accepting of all people and differences but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

He’s wrote a book where he told several lies. Pretended to be better than most teenagers around the country and he used God to lie. Remember Jeremy said he doesn’t drink or all that bad teen stuff that “other” kids do. That was proven to be a lie. Anybody with a brain knew he was lying all along anyway.

At 19 years old he hasn’t learned what the word “sorry” means.

Jeremy is a 19 year old man that doesn’t speak for himself, he hides behind his mommy and daddy. It’s very obvious that his parents don’t trust him enough not to offend every person who is not a white Christian and who he hasn’t been friends with since first grade (even saying he hasn’t offended Christians is pushing it because there are a lot of Christians who wish Jeremy would stop tarnishing Chrisitans by saying he’s a Christian). This 19 year old man doesn’t talk without his parents holding his hand or a tv show skewing what they let people hear.

He’s graduated high school and he still doesn’t know anything about respecting people and basic human kindness and decency or gratitude. Jeremy’s such a little prick that he insults his own fans behind their backs. Unlike his younger friends, he can’t even own up to it and apologize for being a prick.

What does Jeremy have going for him?

He has lots of cool cars. But wait, is that an achievement? No, it’s not because he has nothing to do with it. He has lots of “stuff” for 2 reasons.

1. Three of his family members were born with dwarfism.

2. And they fake an image on tv and in their books.  

Just to put the icing on the cake that Jeremy is a jerk, he insults the fans that made that possible and then he’s so pompous and arrogant to pretend like his garage full of vintage beauties are all because he cut grass when he was 11…

What else has Jeremy or learned or achieved by the time he graduated high school? He considers (the key word!) himself a Christian,  but he can’t hang around and talk to basically anybody that doesn’t believe what he does without offending and insulting them.

Some of my friends have or are graduating this month. Look at it this way, you have reason to be proud of the person you are if you aren’t known as a bigot and racist. If you’ve ever earned money for yourself by hard work that wasn’t based on lying (if you haven’t used God to lie, you get bonus points).  If you can take a compliment from people without insulting them. If you have friends and can talk with people who believe in a different religion and you’re able to be respectful enough not to insult them.

Wait, those aren’t achievements, those are just part of being a decent human being.

My sincere wish for Jeremy Roloff now that he’s graduated high school is that he might finally, start to grow up. That he will be forced to crawl out of that so very sheltered cocoon he is in because of his private rich Christian school. Only being friends with people from a private Christian school since first grade is not really a good thing.

I hope he starts to reflect on the person he is now that the kid excuse is gone in all ways. He’s not in high school and he’s a 19 year old man.

When I have a time I’m going to analyze the interview Jeremy’s friend Dan Meichtry did with another Roloff blog. There’s stuff he said that I don’t agree with, but I think he’s 17 (compared to Jeremy being 19) and Dan acted like a man and someone who is trying to be a decent person.

Jeremy right now is a 19 year old racist bigot, who is living on an image of lies and he’s a selfish prick to anybody he hasn’t known since he first grade (that means spoiled rich Christian kids).


6 Responses to “Jeremy Roloff had his high school graduation last week, congratulations…or maybe not”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. The Truth Says:

    I sense that this blog is so irrelevant to the truth of everyday living. The fact that I happened to come across it, just happens to be a lark.

    What isn’t a lark or anything worth commenting on really, is the attitude of hate shamefully attempted to be hidden by a veil of ‘social commentary’ that is nothing but a regurgitation of the same miasma that this person claims Jeremy used. Whoever wrote this article had better be quick about checking his thinly veiled hate of this person, who has for a number of years had a television camera stuck pretty tight up his —. I ask you how you’d have fared at his age, under the same scrutiny, eh?

    I see a gentle soul with a heart as large as the earth itself, and it’s been hurt a great deal by all this circus-like life for the last number of years. I myself have withdrawn from being considered a ‘fan’ . And before you pout too hard about being a down-trodden put down lout who simply wants a fair break by being a fan , let me say if you were truly a person, a human being too, you’d forgive him of all he has done, and pray that someone who can see the beauty there, can change his future for him, because if that’s not done, then I suspect that Jeremy might just wash out…and what do we have then? Justice done? Truth revealed? No…none of those things…

    We have ourselves whom were too damned busy at being self-righteously judgmental and vindictive, because in fact you probably hate yourself so you cannot accept your own forgiveness over your own shortcomings. Let’s start there. If you can claim to be self righteously smug after that, then we can talk. Until then remove the paper mill from your eye before you a dare judge anyone.


  3. universaluprising Says:

    You can’t be serious.

    “I see a gentle soul with a heart as large as the earth itself”

    You’re talking about Jeremy Roloff??

    He cares about no one except himself. Every day of his life is spent doing what is fun for him. No regards for anyone elses feelings or any responsibility.

    He is the classic definition of selfish and a hypocrite.

    This don’t “judge” anyone is a crock. Jerks deserve to be judged and pointed out so people know what to avoid.

    I’m still in shock that anyone can honestly believe that Jeremy is “a gentle soul with a heart as large as the earth”…..ridiculous! He’s as selfish and as uncaring as a person can get.

    I suspect, that like just about 99.9% of anyone who defends Jeremy does so because you think he is “cute”. That right there says a lot when the only positive thing people can say about him, or the only people who like him do so because they think he is “cute”.

    I suspect that if you didn’t think Jeremy was “cute” you also wouldn’t think he is such a gentle soul with a caring heart.

    Jeremy lies like there is no tomorrow and sits back and laughs at everyone. He’s not an empathetic person at all.

  4. Timothy Says:

    “The Truth” I don’t see Jeremy has either having a big heart or a gentle soul.

    I see someone who is very spoiled who has an enormous ego from everyone tell him how amazing he is, but he’s accomplished nothing.

    He’s lied, he’s been hypocritcal, he’s been mean spirited and insensitive and has shown no character or compassion throughout.

    He’s a spoiled “kid” (a 20 year old kid) who gets handed everything and is never held accountable.

    I don’t see Jeremy as a victim of the show, but if he was, it is his doing. He’s had over 2 years of having total control whether to continue signing the contract and everytime Jeremy jumps for the money and the easy way of life.

    Stop painting Jeremy as a victim. It’s a fact that he ridiculous people with his “cool” friends.

    It’s sad that someone like you would waste time thinking any positive thoughts about a person who cares not about other people and their feelings.

    Spend your time trying to build up a good person, someone who is compassionate and needs their ego boosted. Not a lazy selfish jerk who is joyfully coasting through life.

  5. Roxanne Says:

    The Truth, I’m curious, why do you “fear for Jeremy”. Why do you think he might “wash out”?

    I am really curious. I don’t know if I’d seen someone who likes Jeremy say they fear for his future before. I’m just curious why?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I just remembered why I forgot about this show.

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