Father’s day for Matt Roloff, father of Jeremy Roloff, Zach Roloff, Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff


Today is Father’s day. After having just celebrated father’s day with my dad, I’m going to blog about Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World as a father.

His relationships with each of his kids. He’s shooting at 50 percent.

Good relationships:

Matt’s Golden boy, Jeremy.  Obviously Matt’s favorite. The few times when Matt actually knows where Jeremy is, they seem to get along well. Jer still disrespects him, gives him lip, walks away from him and Matt has no idea what he’s up to (by now Jer has probably gotten drunk on all of Matt’s stashes of booze, not just the vodka that is infamous !), but they also give off the vibe that they can be all buddy buddy together. And that really pisses off Zach, but more on that later.

Molly.  Seems to have a good relationship with Matt. I think there is the “My little princess/daddy’s girl” thing going on there.  Unlike some of the other Roloffs, most of the time Molly seems like she doesn’t hate Matt and might actually love him! I have no bad feelings for Molly. She seems like a cool person basically. I give Matt a passing grade here.

Failing relationships:

Jacob: Seriously if you’re a pyschologist and you want to study something, study Matt and Jacob and tell me the true reason why people who see the truth know that there is something about Jacob that Matt truly hates. He has a crappy relationship with him. He doesn’t have one. He’s admitted it on camera. Matt has no idea what Jacob likes and isn’t slightly interested in him. The few times they are actually together, Jacob gets upset. There was the time when Amy went on a trip with her siblings. Something happened between Matt and Jacob. It was in the preview but they cut it out of the episode. Something about Amy saying Jacob was depressed and feeling worthless. On the RV trip with Amy and Molly went off on their own, Jacob and Zach got into the fight, Matt took Zach’s side, Jacob locked himself in the bathroom, ran away, told Matt to shut up and cried all the way on the walk to town. After, Matt tells Amy, Molly and the entire audience that Jacob was a “sissy-man”, the Matt and Jeremy laugh about Jacob’s sissyness.  That’s Father of the decade material right there. Call your 10 year old a sissy on camera. When Matt gets those calls from Amy that Jacob is in the hospital (because Matt is of course never around) his first question is “Was he bawling?”

Matt seriously does seem to be embarrassed by Jacob.  I don’t know what exactly it is, but there is somthing deeper going on with those 2. I don’t know if Jacob is just not filling Matt’s idea of how a boy/man should act , that he thinks he’s too weak, or if it is that he’s worried that Jake might be gay. Matt trying to convince the audience that Jacob was a ladies man when he was 9 was laughable. There is this whole vibe going on like Matt treats Jacob like he’s the child his wife had with another man. I’m not making any allegations! LOL. But that’s what it’s like.

Then there is Zach and Matt. Zach has more respect for pond scum than he has for Matt and everybody knows it. He always disrespects him has a hostility, almost  a hatred towards Matt. It said a lot that when Matt, Jeremy and Zach were getting ready to leave to drive to California to get the restored yellow VW (another freebie for the Roloffs), Amy was worried there would be a big blow up between Zach vs Matt/Jeremy.  It’s pretty sad when a father and son can’t go on a trip without the mom worrying that there is going to be a huge fight.

I don’t blame that on Zach either. He’s the honest Roloff who can see through the BS and Matt and Jeremy are all about BS. I think the other main reason for Zach’s disdain for Matt is because he knows how to read people and knows what is going on. He knows Jeremy is Matt’s golden boy and a lifetime of knowing that pisses him off. Matt’s favoritism for Jeremy is always glaring. It must suck to have a twin and know that your dad thinks the twin is the one and only perfect son. It’s a real failing for Matt as a dad that it’s so easy for people (including his other kids!) to tell that Jeremy is pride and joy.

The way I see it, Matt is 2 for 4 in his relationships with his kids, I don’t know if that’s a good thing either, with Jeremy anways considering he is such a crappy person, when a Dad’s favorite son is the racist, gay bashing, bigot that insults the hands that are feeding them….is it really saying much about the Dad?  

On the good side, Matt did provide his kids with a pretty cool place to grow up on and a lot of cool materialistic things and stuff.

Matt does try sometimes to be a good parent and sometimes seems to care about trying to make them into good people. A lot of the blame for how selfish-centered Jeremy is and how disrespectful and spoiled all the kids are falls on Amy. Matt tries to lay down the law, but Amy overrides them because she wants to be Jer’s, Zach’s and their gang’s best friend. Plus a real thing, Matt did tell Jeremy to treat fans with respect (Jeremy being the jerk that he is ignored it) so that’s a hint that Matt at least knows something about how you should treat people and at least shows that he was trying to prevent Jeremy from being the prick that he is known as today.

Matt and his golden boy, the self-asorbed bigot, Jeremy Roloff

Matt and his golden boy, the self-asorbed bigot, Jeremy Roloff


5 Responses to “Father’s day for Matt Roloff, father of Jeremy Roloff, Zach Roloff, Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff”

  1. Aimie Says:

    I actually concur with your analysis. I have only seen a few episodes of the show, and my sister watched it with me. We made fun of Jacob because he seemed always upset. Now I feel bad because I didn’t know the reason behind it. If you are being put down in public and insulted by your family like that no wonder he reacts like that. My parents would never call my brother “sissy boy” and if I did they would give me a good smack on the face.
    To be honest with you I watched that show because I had problems with little people. I mean I didn’t hate them but I was scared of them. I don’t know why. The show helped me a lot with my fears which were mainly based on ignorance on my part. But the more I find about how this family truly works, and how phony they are I get very disappointed. This doesn’t mean I am afraid of little folk again but this particular family is not what they pretend to be. I really feel sorry for Jacob. And I have lost much respect for Matt, Amy and specially Jeremy.

  2. 47383746 Says:

    You are very accurate in your assessment of Matt Roloff. I’ve watched the show for several seasons and have you noticed that the big blow up was when Matt decided to remodel the whole house?

    I thought the previous house was perfectly fine, looked nice, was MORE than large enough for everyone but in classic “Little Man Syndrome/Napoleon Complex” Matt Roloff MUST have the Biggest and BEST house possible… Gees I mean, Sure you have a lot of money but to waste so much of it by pouring what I would gather is close to $1 Million into the house is crazy. This show can’t last forever and when it stops, so does the $$$$ flowing… Matt should consider reality.

    I’ve known a lot of guys like Matt Roloff, they are always successful BUT they tend to blow their $$$$ like there’s no tomorrow and they end up bankrupt and broke in the end. The farm itself can only make SO MUCH money and constantly over-expanding is not going to help, it’s only got to cut into your profit margin.

    Just what I take from the show, I know this blog is about the relationships with the kids which you covered really well. The Roloffs ARE interesting, No doubt about that and I must admit, I can’t wait to see what comes up next season.

  3. Kiki Says:

    I agree, Matt Roloff has a strange relationship with his family, if he has not realized that he is the most self centered person. He does not think about his family or his wife one bit. He had her step down from the seat on the board for the little people games (not sure what its called) and before where he planned a vacation and the whole family couldnt go, but he didnt care and went anyway but when they were on their family vacation he cuts out early to go do crap on the farm. And by the way Matt that grand canyon you built in your back yard just looks like a big hole in the ground and if it rains it will be messy!!! Matt you should stop and take a look back at how you affect your family!

  4. Allen Says:

    Good assessment in your article.

    Has Matt Roloff set out to destroy his family?

    When Amy & the US Team going to Ireland and Matt & Jeremy(his golden boy) decide to go by themselves to Switzerland leaving Amy to handle everything by herself? What’s THAT all about? Then when Matt gets to Ireland he acts like he handled everything himself. Then to intentionally not show up for the game with Amy. Geeesh. Matt always has some kind of self absorbed excuse for this kind of behavior.

    Then not showing up for the games opening ceremonies. This was really hurtful to Zach and Jacob let alone Amy & Molly.

    And in a earlier episode, Matt says he hates to wait. He said if he has to wait, he leaves. Even at a doctors appointment. Who does he think he is? What kind of entitlement issues does he have that he thinks he’s better than anyone else and shouldn’t have to wait?

    And as far as “slipping” into events after they have started. He does this because then everyone will see him come in. What a digweed! He repeatedly does this.

    Back to the kids.
    Kids learn from what they hear at home. In another article I have read. Matt is famous for calling people names off camera. Perhaps Jeremy learned that kind of name calling in his own home, and was probably shocked when it didn’t work for him in public.

    And I read that Jeremy is thinking about going to LA to start a modeling career? After all his comments about gays & blacks they’ll run him out of town on a rail!

  5. John Says:

    Man, ‘ol Matt is sure taking a beating here…when the whole family needs a strong kick in the pants. Regardless, any conjecture by the authors above is not, and cannot ever be insightful due to the film/editing culture. The producers can play the audience any way they want using editing techniques and their own biases.

    From what is obvious, Amy is a selfish, smart-ass and put-upon person (also with the short man complex), and failed to apply good, solid child-raising behaviors that results in kids who have NO confidence, no steady direction with follow-up, and allows Matt’s folks and others to do her work. She’s so angry that you can watch it seethe from her massive, gaping and sun-ravaged pores. And for God’s sake, somebody please show this sloth how to stop driving so recklessly and CLEAN THAT CASTLE that Matt built for the family. It’s always filthy, disorganized, and depressing. And by the way, that horribly misaligned, self-absorbed mouth-breather Zak has created such an emotional barrier for himself that any of his thoughts or opinions should be ignored and instead expressed to a real sharp psych for much needed analysis. And he should have his license snatched away for the way he’s allowed to act out video game play on the highways. With the exception of Molly (who has her own time bomb ready to go off around her 18th birthday), the kids are lazy, self absorbed, entitlement-expecting, small town hicks with stick-figure dreams and very little imagination and/or creativity. They both came so close to failing their senior year that the mouth breather finally had to learn to read…just so he could pass his fifth shot at a drivers license.

    Sorry Roloff’s if I sound like a bully or unfair, but you put yourself out there. Matt, you are a genius and should move ahead with any project you want…it’s your money and effort. You got lucky with Molly, but I’m afraid that Jason is truly emotionally damaged, and the twins are without much needed mentors, tutors, and discipline. God help them, and God help you Matt in surviving Amy’s continual cry for attention, and then her self-deprecation and heavy critizism of everybody from the construction workers to her own family…one million people would give their lives for hers any day of the week.

    God help them.

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