Reasons why Jon and Kate Plus 8 aren’t as bad as the Roloff family (Little People Big World)

I haven’t watched a lot of Jon and kate plus 8. I’m not into the whole toddler thing.  They have a lot of critics. A lot of people that don’t like them (almost as much as Jeremy Roloff?). I’m sure their critics are right about a lot of things.

But I sometimes hear about people putting Jon and Kate Gosselin down and praise the Roloffs and Little People, Big World for all the things they say they hate about Jon and Kate. I say those people are stupid.

The Roloffs are definitely the biggest fakes on TLC. They’re the most revolting morally.

Here are some reasons why the Roloffs are worse than Jon and Kate Plus 8, Most of them are about honesty. It makes the slight praise the Roloffs get ridiculous because the people that do like them will say they’re “real”. No, they’re just fake and some people are too stupid to know they’re being fooled.

1. Jon and Kate on their show, explained all the freebies they get. Kate laid it out exactly the way it is. Companies give them stuff because they want the exposure of being on their tv show. It’s a business. That’s what happens. I don’t have a problem with that. Jon and Kate were honest about it.

What happens? People complain that Jon and Kate are all about getting freebies and going on hundreds of vacations all the time.

Now the Roloffs.  They probably travel more than J&K. They probably get more freebies. Hell, they basically got a brand new Volkswagen professionally restored for free.

Are the Roloffs honest about it like Jon and Kate? No. They are liars. These “Christians” that wrote a book about their big values are bold face liars. Totally. One example is when they went Orlando for another vacation. Quote from Amy “I’m a Christian” Roloff” said on the show “This is the first time we’ve rented a home on vacation”.  That is a lie. The Roloffs didn’t rent it. I remember reading on this Roloff blog  the resort company told exactly what happened. TLC sent them a letter asking if any of the resorts wanted to give the Roloffs one of their homes for the week for free and they pumped up all the advertising they’d get. The place, I think the name was Global Resort Homes, gave the Roloffs the huge beautiful vacation home for free because they wanted the exposure. If you search that Keeping Up With The Roloffs site, the General Manager of the Resort left a comment after the episode. They weren’t happy with the return they got.

The point of it all. It’s exactly like Kate said. TLC gets them something free. The company does it for the exposure.

The difference is Jon and Kate Plus 8 were honest. They said that’s what happens.  The Roloffs lied. Some people buy the lies from these “Christians”. All the other freebie stuff the Roloffs get including the restored Volkswagen and Zach’s custom made bike, are all passed off on the show as Matt Roloff saying “A friend of mine”. Everybody is a friend. On Jon and Kate they were honest. The Roloffs lie.

2. Fans. In the big divorce episode on Jon and Kate, they were honest about everything. Kate said she used to not like her fans. ‘Course she was saying a line of BS about how she now appreciated fans because she met them as they were lining up buying her book at her book signings. But the important thing is she admitted she didn’t like fans. Some honesty! Obviously she’s a pretty crappy person to get rich off the fans and then dislike the fans, but at least she was honest.

Then there is the lying Roloffs. Interviews and newsletters they say the entire family loves the fans and are so appreciative of the fans for the support. But the truth is, because Jeremy and Zach and the rest of their friends got busted for trashing fans. Give one friend, Dan Meichtry credit for coming clean and saying he was wrong and they were mean to people. But the point is while they really were trashing fans and calling them losers, but publicly the lying Roloffs were saying they love the fans.

Even without the insults, actions are more important than words from frauds and liars. The Roloffs say they love and appreciate their fans. But they’re famous for never doing anything for fans. Get on Facebook and talk to their fans who have made them filthy rich? Never!!! It’s been 4 long years and the selfish Roloffs can’t spare a few minutes for those people they say they love so much.

 I guess they just got back from another huge vacation around Europe. All because of the fans. Do they do anything for their fans? No!!!!  I wouldn’t even care about that too much (the racist, gay bashing, lying, self-centered hypocrite Jeremy Roloff is the last person I’d ever want to talk to) if it wasn’t for them shoving this BS at people about how much they love the fans. Yeah they love them so much that for 4 seasons they can’t any spare time for the fans that everybody knows they really trash amongst themselves anyway.

On fans the difference between Jon and Kate and the Roloffs is honesty. Kate was truthful. She said she had negative feelings for the fans. The Roloffs lie. Their actions show that they feel the same as Kate, but they deal the BS “Oh we love  you fans!” Now get lost and give me money!

3. None of the Jon and Kate clan get rewarded for telling people not to say derogatory words and then are proven to be huge hypocrites like the Roloffs and Jeremy. He’s in the Roloff book of lies (Little Family, Big Values -HAHAHA) saying he don’t say midget but he says the biggest the slurs of all, words I probably can’t even repeat here, N word and “f*ggot”. The Roloffs are once again fakes. Respect those minorities, don’t say derogatory words, but oh the dirty little secret is they have a racist gay bashing son. When they get caught they can’t even come clean (except for Dan and he’s not a Roloff) and say they were wrong (because wee little Jeremy is too much of a child at 19 to talk for himself).

Those are a few reasons why Jon and Kate aren’t as revolting as the Roloff family and Little People Big World. They might suck as people, I don’t know, but at least they’re honest about things compared to the Roloffs who are all about lies and BS and while playing the “sweet Christian family” card.


6 Responses to “Reasons why Jon and Kate Plus 8 aren’t as bad as the Roloff family (Little People Big World)”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sorry but Jon and Kate lie. THey are using their children for money and the roloffs are relying on the state to assist them they both work jobs.

  2. universaluprising Says:

    Kathy, you’ve been fooled. Matt and Amy are relying on the show. Don’t be naive. The Roloffs are using their children and the show for money too.

    Their “jobs” are all based on the show and how to make money off their fame from the show.

    “Pumpkin” season makes them a killing all because of the show and people want to see the famous people from tv. Shh…people aren’t really going because the Roloffs grow the best pumpkins. Hell, sometimes they cart in pumpkins from other farms! It’s a tourist attraction because of the show.

    Matt and Amy get speaking gigs because they’ve been seen on tv and the bookers think people will want to see the tv celeb talk.

    You know that Matt and Amy are listed as official producers of the LPBW show, right?

    They’d be in a world of financial hurt without the show. You’ve just been fooled because unlike Jon and Kate who admit they got all the freebies, the Roloffs pretend like it’s a “friend” doing all this stuff for them.

  3. ann west Says:

    I am offended by Little People Big World AKA The Roloff’s . The Show was presumably created to teach tolerance. I WAS a fan until these racist overtones prevailed.
    1. Confederate War Reenactment.
    2. Excessive Christian Chatter,  Always a sign of impending Hypocrisy 
    3. No people of Color on the Show.
    4. Vacations to the deep south where they fantasized about being Huckleberry Fin. 
    Translation: We long for the time when white people were kings with blacks as slaves.
    Reality: During the Confederate, Huckleberry Times, Dwarves like them would be sold to the circus and their relatives would be shunned.

    As a black person these “hints” concerned me so I googled their Show with Racism and found that they have used “Hate Speech” against Blacks , Mexicans and Gays. They admit it but never apologized. There is already a petition against them but what is The Learning Channel Teaching? Millions of people trying to avoid the normal sludge on TV tuned in to Jon & Kate, Little People etc hoping for educational and wholesome viewing only to find the same garbage wrapped in a different package. The father got a 2nd DUI, the children are influenced by their “christian” Schools and their parents. How can anyone else be blamed for the behavior. The Family agreed to these racist tinged activities not just one kid.
    TLC got rid of the discussion on their site and is burying and deleting blogs throughout the internet . I stopped watching so I’m not sure what other racist activities TLC has planned for them. Octomom and Balloon Boy Chronicles Coming Soon…. “Little People”, yes that’s true.

  4. Carrie Says:

    Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

  5. Carrie Says:

    John 8:1-11 – Let those without sin cast the first stone!

  6. Lena Says:

    I find reading this very amusing. First, give me a break, everyone knows that “reality television” is not reality, whether it is the Roloffs, Jon and Kate, or any other family. Sheesh do you not all put on your best side for a photo, how much more would anyone for TV…however, saying that, some disturbing things are put into reality shows to keep people watching. If things are too good or too smooth no one would watch. Not to mention, perhaps they are bound by contracts not allowing them to say certain things on air. i.e. They got the resort home for free.

    Ann West, I am totally offended by your prejudice against Christians. Speaking of “hypocrisy”, you see one Christian do something that you do not agree with and then you paint us all with the same brush. Shame on you! And, the fact that there have been no people of colour on the show means nothing. I come from a little European country that still has very few people of colour. Are we racist? No! My son in law is a beautiful chocolate brown and we love him and frankly I never see his skin colour, I see him. But up until recently, you could have said the same about me because I live in a place where I have very little contact with people of colour. Lastly the information about their prejudices etc came from The National Enquirer. Need I say more. Again, there is as much on the net defending them as faulting them. What is the truth? I guess one would have to take a trip to Oregon to know for sure.

    Finally, I am not defending the Roloffs nor am I condemning them. I am just saying we simply do not know. TV, including the news, thrives on our perception of things, creating reality in our minds.

    Last I checked the US was still a free country. If you like it watch, if not, I am pretty sure you have a remote with which to find something else to amuse you.

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