Jeremy Roloff shirtless

I’ve come to a realization whenever I look around on the internet and see talk about Jeremy Roloff.

I think almost everybody who has anything nice to say about Jeremy likes him either because they think he’s hot (hence the title) or they like him based on lies and for a fake image (a squeaky clean Christian fighting for diversity who doesn’t drink or do any of that badddd stuff.) The only other reason I see from people who like Jeremy is from people who are bigots themselves and they support Jeremy because he used hate slurs.

That’s not much of an accomplishment. Liked because of something shallow and fleeting like people think you’re cute. Liked because of a fake image born on the back of lies. Or supported by bigots.

None of the 3 are about character or being a good person.


2 Responses to “Jeremy Roloff shirtless”

  1. John Says:

    Small question, I’ve been a fan of the show for years. I never knew until reading your blogs about Jeremy Roloff’s hate slurs. How did you come to find this out? Is it posted on a website, the reason why I ask is I was thinking of going to the farm as a fan. However, if it is true what you are saying, I have NO desire to pay money, for people who are racist, and discriminative. Let me know, thanks.

  2. universaluprising Says:

    This site explains it all. The first one has it in detail. If you search around that site you’ll see a lot of talk about it, Amy blows it off in a podcast and stuff like that.

    The second one might explain why Jeremy used the word “faggot” so much. It’s about the church the Roloffs went to. You can’t respect somebody if you think they need to be cured…..loons. I will pray for the Roloffs to get taller so they will be welcome into the temple of God…because they’re not welcome right now per Levitcus 21:16

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