Jeremy Roloff’s friend Jacob Mueller did not graduate high school with the rest.

I saw the season finale of Little People Big World….it’s funny how life has a way of coming back to bite people in the butt.

Everyone’s favorite racist spewing, homophobic bigoted self-centered TV star, Jeremy Roloff, a couple of years ago insulted people who work at places like pumping gas. That was pretty ballsy for a guy who gets woken up by his mommy and has never worked for anybody but daddy and collects a pay check for playing himself on camera and telling lies in a book and by being a trademark Christian hypocrite,

When he insulted the gas pumpers, he said they were dumb high school drop outs. This was when Jeremy didn’t know how to pump gas….he said Oregon was nice because you pull in and dumb high school drop outs pump gas for you.

How delicious was it to find out that Jeremy’s best friend forever, the guy he can’t go a day without seeing, his partner in spewing slurs and bashing his own fans that make all the stuff they do a reality, Jacob Mueller, failed high school. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!

There was Jacob Mueller sitting up in the rafters during graduation ceremony. LOL!  Jeremy said it was a “bummer because Mueller didn’t get to graduate with me because he couldn’t get his grades up”.

Ain’t that delicious? Jeremy and Mueller spend their lives making fun of other people and dish out the insults and then Mueller falls into the group who gets the most shame….people who fail high school. Ha!

The lesson is don’t be an asshole to people and maybe people won’t be so quick to laugh their ass at your failings and you better watch what you say because you or your best friend might not be any better than the people you’re insulting and making fun of.

This is a cool and informative site about the jerks known as Jeremy and Mueller.

Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff – Best friends, they’re Christian bigots. Ridicule fans, spew racial and homophobic bigotry together, slack through life together.


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16 Responses to “Jeremy Roloff’s friend Jacob Mueller did not graduate high school with the rest.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I agree. If people don’t know, Jeremy and Mueller are very cruel to fans and go out of their way to demoralize people and put people down. They think they are better than everyone. They are simply not good people.

  2. jessica Says:

    ya they seem like big jerks. wow. i used to LOVE jeremy and think he was a great christian and a really nice person. but hes rally just a self centered asshole. i geuss that if i ever see him, i wont say hi to him because he will probably insult me because im a fan. what a jerk

  3. Tyler Says:

    When is your next hateful blog posting coming?

  4. Alex Says:

    Jeremy is gay. Ive always thought he was.. him and his friends are a little to touchy feely with each other. i remember this one episode where jeremy had his legs all over some boy. So yeah hes gay

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I had a dream in which I would kick Jacob Mueller’s ass, then I realized how pathetic that would be. He’s a nobody who went to a small suburban Portland Christian high school (because he would have been bullied waaaaay too much at public school) with a shallow moron who happened to have a dwarf for a twin brother. So take a bow, Jacob Mueller, your association with Jeremy “I’m 20 and still depend on my parents” Roloff is your 15 minutes of fame . . . and it’s almost up. 2 years from now, “Farmer’ will be living off the royalties earned from exploiting his childhood and you’ll still be the moron who couldn’t graduate from the academic institution that gave Zach a diploma. Face it Mueller, you’re a fucking moron! You make Zach look bright. When are you and Jer going to come out? Do it soon or no one will care about your story, lol.

  6. Dee. Says:

    You are all just a tid bit retarded. First off I was friend with Mueller for a few years, until he switched schools. He is a naturally a funny goofy person they are not cruel, well I don’t know Jeremy personally but really, their are worse things they could be saying. Why would you even create a blog about failing and dropping out of high school anyway? Do you know how many people do this each year, and you care because they are famous or I guess your could say…

    By the way most Christians are hypocritical but then again a lot of people are. I may be a Christian but not all are up tight people who just judge. Get to know people. Before you make a blog criticizing them!

  7. Lio Says:

    My gaydar goes off when I’m watching the show everytime Jeremy is on the screen, the way he stands! His hand movements gosh the kid is in denial! And mueller is a total Pansy he sounds like a girl when he talks he needs more bass in his voice him and jeremy are boinking so obvious! It just sad cause Jeremy can do way better than that mueller dude!

  8. jason Says:

    dude, I’m a gay dude and I played baseball, football, and basketball in high school, no one ever thinks I’m gay when they meet me and i can honestly tell you 100%, that both Jeremy and Mueller are gay! Its not even up for debate

  9. xmarks Says:

    of course mueller and jeremy and his other friend are gay!
    in one episode mueller said something like “i would tolerate girls at our party for a few hours” lets face it, what straight guys says stuff like that.
    and the way jeremy looks he should have girls chasing him down the street but hes never more than arms length from mueller at all times.
    im sure the producers of the show know this but keep it quite.
    i would love to walk in on jeremy and mueller during one of his sleep overs. im sure there not doing much sleeping!!!!

  10. kyle Says:

    You all need to get a life. Hes young and has a lot to learn. I don’t think hes gay and even if he is who cares.

  11. Green Says:

    Of course he’s gay, the most hateful ones are always gay.

  12. Taylor Says:

    I know Jacob Mueller. He is a sweetheart. You all don’t know him or Jeremy. That’s awful of you to say.

  13. universaluprising Says:

    Taylor, a “sweetheart” because he is nice to you? That’s how you judge people?

    If you really do know him, I’m willing to bet that you’re a pretty rich girl.

    Sweetheart? Give me a break. Racist. Gay basher. Cat abuser. You realize your “sweetheart” friend Jacob Mueller cruelly and heartlessly wrote a girl whose only crime (and it was a crime because he’s such a douche bag!) was liking Jeremy and buying the DVDs because she crushed on him) called her a bitch and a loser that doesn’t have any friends so might as well off herself.

    What a guy, Taylor.

    But hey, as long as he doesn’t treat you like that, all is good.

    They, both of them, are lying pieces of crap that have no morals that have hurt many, many people through their mean spiritedness and ignorance.

    Not once has either of them attempted to make amends or change their behavior.

  14. corey Says:

    mueller didnt graduate cuz he he was spending WAY too much time tryin to to get inside jer-bears tight skinny jeans. or maybe he was too busy trying to get ticks off jacobs bare belly with his tongue lol. remember that episode?

  15. Star Says:


  16. Blah Says:

    We dont care that he’s gay we just want him to come out of the closet already! It’s 100% obvious!

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