Christian Roloffs sink to another low

Their tag line for the opening of Little People Big World just changed:

“We can do everything average sized people can do…..except wait in line!”

On this freebie vacation around the World, it brought the Roloffs to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

Guess what? There is a line! Maybe because it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world?

The Roloffs don’t want to wait in line. Boo friggin hoo. They “say” (and take that for what its worth because everything on this show stinks of being lies, scripted and staged) that they have 1 day in Paris and don’t want to spend hours waiting in line.

They whine about waiting in line. Matt confesses he will “work the system” He says it is dangerous for him and his little son to wait in line because their heads are near everyone’s butts and the smell could kill them. I used that line when I was intentionally trying to be offensive to show the hypocrisy.

Of course the Roloffs get their way. Amy gives a sickening speech about how Matt used his disability to his advantage because he wants to show his kids a good time.

What disgusting people they are. Failures as good humans and this is just another log in the fire.

It wasn’t about a disability in a line. It was about the spoiled privileged Roloffs thinking they are better than the poor souls who were spending their day in Paris waiting in line long before the Roloffs showed up.

This is the Christian Roloff way. Lie, cheat and scam your way past people who are rightfully waiting their turn because you think you deserve to go first and the rest of the people need to wait.

What a bunch of sickening spoiled hypocrites.  We’re just average people living a normal life (with endless vacactions and dozens of behicles, in a mansion) except we think so f’n high of ourselves that we rip off everyone who is patiently waiting their turn because we don’t wait.

Is it any wonder why the Roloff kids are such spoiled kids with a sense of  entitlement? Wonderful lesson for kids. Lie and scam because you think your time is more important than everybody else.

God Christians are horrible people without any morals or respects. Are all of you Christians proud of your fellow Christians?

They make me very proud that I no longer call myself a Christian



2 Responses to “Christian Roloffs sink to another low”

  1. Lio Says:

    Okay Amy wasn’t happy bout that I remember that episode, she didn’t like that! But I agree they should have let the midgets go ahead but jer and mol could have waited! It was some bs and tlc should have edited that more better! I like Amy she a good woman

  2. Amy Says:

    Let’s just get one thing straight here. Just because they say they are “Christians” doesn’t mean they live a “Christ like” life. You can’t lump the bad apples in with us good ones. C’mon that’s not fair. Do you stop buying cars just because a bad salesman sells you a lemon? Do you stop going to doctors altogether because one gave you a wrong diagnosis? NO of course not. Sometimes I just think ex- Christians were just looking for a way out so they blame “bad Christians” for their leaving the faith. It has to take more than that to turn you from your faith. People of every denomination, every faith, every race and every color will let you down, be hypocrites, lie, cheat, steal, gossip and everything else because they are human. You can’t put your faith in people. Those that do those things are not living the “Christ like” life and have not had a true conversion. I do my best not to be those things and 99% of the time I’m not . But I’m human, I make mistakes, I let people in my life down. Not on purpose but because I just stumble at times. Then I get up, ask forgiveness, try to right the wrong and go forward with my life trying not to make the same mistakes again. That’s all anyone can do. But I live a changed life now and don’t appreciate being lumped in with those who don’t. Thanks!

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