Matt Roloff and TLC health scare and collapsing hoax

So those Christian Roloffs were at it again. Lying and tricking and deceiving people again in search of higher ratings. That ultimately means more money for themselves.

The Roloffs like to pretend that their show is about education. Seriously what they’ve taught me is that most Christians like the Roloffs deseparately lack morals, character, honesty and overall, they suck as people.

Do Christians like the Roloffs believe that Jesus Christ would sit back and laugh with them as they trick stupid people who trust them into getting all upset worrying whether Matt Roloff is ok? That’s an example of Christian values apparently.

I’m of course talking about the lowlife season finale of Little People Big World. For the entire episode Matt goes on and on about his death. Then in a laughable and lowlife scene, they end the season with Matt on the floor and Golden Boy Jeremy standing over him in monoton voice “Dad? Hey Dad?”

Then stupid people that believed the Roloffs when they say the show is real, rushed online to check if Matt had a heart attack and died.

For more details the Washington Post explains how TLC and the Roloffs played out the death angle

If you are still a concerned moron and haven’t heard, you were played for a fool by the Roloff family and TLC. Matt is fine and always has been. It was a little dizzy spell that happened over a year ago…well, that comes from Matt and one thing anyone should have learned by now is Roloffs lie a lot and do not tell the truth.

This site explains how Matt’s collapse scene happened over a year ago.

Do you get it? It was before everything you watched on the show for the past year. Before their around the world trip to Europe and Molly’s birthday and the tired old pumpkin season stuff. It was at the beginning of summer of 2009. That’s two thousand and NINE!.

The Roloffs and TLC then decide to play it out by leaving that to the very end as a cliff hanger after having the episode littered with Matt talking about dying.

Isn’t that nice and moral of the Roloffs? Lets lie and trick and deceive people into thinking Matt was in peril!

Also I’d make a bet that the scene was staged or re-staged. The Roloffs suck as actors and no way does any normal human being react like that to finding someone on the floor. I’m still ROFLMAO at Molly’s uber fake “Fatherrrrrrrrrrr?????????”

And poor golden boy Jer-bear. He can’t muster up any emotion for the staged scene. Maybe that’s why his once rumored modeling career never amounted to anything. I thought he was going to poke Matt with a stick to see if he was alive. LOL!

The great hoax that TLC and the Roloff pulled off as they’re getting more attention by tricking people into thinking Matt had a heart attack than they’ve had in years. All from a little dizzy spell?? What’s next? Jeremy gets a paper cut (I don’t know what from, he wouldn’t be near a book, he must have fun playing like a 10 year old!) and they make it look like he was stabbed? That will probably be the season 6 finale!

By the way Roloff Family and Faith Bible friends: the whole stunt into worrying stupid fans was even more deplorable considering poor old Mike Detjen did die of a heart attack. You guys think it’s so funny into tricking people and portraying something as serious when it’s not?

That’s what the Roloffs are about as Christians, they make Jesus Christ proud by doing as Jesus and sacrificing any morals they must have to do any trick and stunt and tasteless cliffhangers for tv ratings and attention. But hey the Roloffs are the people that have Jeremy saying N*gger and Fagg*t” and don’t even apologize or care. Thanks Roloffs for teaching me how to be Christ like…if that’s the way Christians live, I am very glad that I’m not a Chrisitan.

Christians need a lesson in morals, character, honesty, kindness and goodness.


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9 Responses to “Matt Roloff and TLC health scare and collapsing hoax”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I used to love this family but I have become so disappointed in them. I loved when they started out, in that run down farm, seeing Matt’s “projects”. He did have a dream, but the dream became too much about money. I don’t like seeing them on their vacations (which are nothing but advertisements for whatever city, resort or wherever they are at, and occur FAR TOO OFTEN!) I don’t like to hear Amy whining about the cost of things when we all know darn well money is not an issue at all. The kids have become brats who have no appreciation of what they have, I think that drives me the craziest. But the season finale of LPBW has made me the most jaded about this family. I won’t be tuning in next season. The way they went on and on about Matt not feeling well, and even going so far as to say “Little does she know”, when Matt spoke about his not being around very much longer. And THEN the fake headaches and the THUMP at the end of the last episode…I am done with this family. It’s a shame, I used to love them and admire them. But as with all these reality “stars”, it has become all about the money and the fame. You can’t possibly rely on them being “REAL” anymore. So-long Roloff’s, I enjoyed you once. Now you just disgust me.

  2. universaluprising Says:

    Laurie – Well said. Everything the Roloffs do is all about making money.

    Good point about the “kids” (because Jeremy and Zach are 20 year old adults now). They are brats with a sense of entitlement and no appreciation for anything.

  3. Mike R Says:

    The all american disfuncional family. The only reason Amy & Matt are stii putting up with each other is the show and the hassle of a divorce. They can’t stand each other. That fake “Oh, I love you Mom” B.S. that Matt tells Amy is just too funny.
    The kids (except for Molly) will never amount to much on their own. As students, no hope. As businessmen? Unless dad micro-manages that deal, again, no hope.
    And one day the whole financial house of cards will come crashing down. Unless TLC is picking up the tab for all the classic & luxury cars, all that high end farm equiptment, the extensive remodel, not to mention round the world trips & crusis, I can’t see how Roloff is footing the bill himself.
    With farms failing or selling family owned to big conglomerants, how is it the the Roloff farm is in such good financial shape selling pumkins 6 weeks a year?

  4. neil Says:

    Mike R, i disagree with one point of yours. Molly is as much an ignorant loser as the rest of them.

  5. Jorge Says:

    I’m really fed up with this little people showing off, last night on one episode Amy went to the beach with the two girls and forgot her very expensive camera home, then she bought a little digital camera and left it in a bag next to the surf so it got wet and ruined, so what she did? she went and bought another one, who cares! TLC money pays for it. It took me a few months to save and buy a little digital camera, and this gal goes and buy them like you buy a loaf of bread. Disgusting these whole show and all these “reality” BS.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Victims of greed, they are. I used to like the show, before they got greedy. The kids are retards, the whole lot of them, especially the twins. Jeremy is the dumbest, in my opinion, followed by Zach, Jacob, and Molly. Jacob was transferred to another school, with the excuse of “the teacher was not a good teacher and Jacob did not like her” bs….so, long story short, Matt blamed the school and staff for the stupidty of his son. Can’t fix stupid, not even with money.
    The more they buy, the more they treat people like crap, the more disgusted I am with the family and the show. Christians they are not. Good people they are no more. The vanity and greed is unbelievable. I don’t watch the show, and haven’t since 2nd season.

  7. Amy Says:

    I agree entirely with everything said except one thing. I do think you are being very mean-spirited though. Yes, I think they started off with good intentions but the money has obviously changed them. Yes, they are pretty darn spoiled now and think the world revives around them. Yes, they waste money like it grows on trees. But no, I do not think they are Christians. They might claim the name but they don’t walk the walk so stop comparing them to all Christians. I have morals, character, honesty, kindness and goodness so your assumption that all Christians lack these things is not true. It can be done. Not many choose to do it. It’s the narrow path and it’s a tough one but much more worth it than the wide path. This is just a reality show about regular people, not Christians and it follows the path of all reality shows. It’s NOT REAL.

  8. corey Says:

    i thought matt was just drunk when he collapsed. i laffed my ass off.

  9. kelly Says:

    the show was good up until the end. i think the roloffs just became greedy and perhaps selfish. the first few seasons were fun but later on the show got boring.

    the fact of ‘family values’ was obvious within the first season or two, afterwards the show went downhill to constant bickering between matt and amy, marital issues, and the kids were doing what they wanted never helping or cleaning that mess of a house. there was a sense of overall dysfunction and annoyance with the roloffs on tlc and i did not really see any amazing great family values overall with the roloffs on tlc.

    not sure if the matt collapse was true or fake, but it was funny

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