Jeremy Roloff caught being a jerk…again

What’s new? Not much, Jeremy Roloff caught once again being a jerk. This time Zach is on the elitist behavor too. They went on a cruise where they were spoiled to the nines that they’re going to attempt to make it look like charity for Haiti, but other people on the cruise report that Jeremy was a jerk.

Everything I already knew about him. He’s as fake as a 3 dollar bill. He’s arrogant and he ridicules people when he thinks people can’t hear him.

Jerk extraordinaire! That’s Jeremy Roloff.

These are pictures from the cruise I took the last last week of June 2010. The ship is called Oasis of the Seas and its amazing!

It’s like having the best part of cities all over the place on a boat. There is a section that looks like the Boardwalk and Central Park. There is rock climbing and a zip line. An aqua theatre, comedy club, restaurants, shops, ice cream parlor, promenades, pizzerias. It’s unbelieveable!

This was the first real trip we ever took. Its my parents 20th anniversary later this year. They wanted to do something special for the family, Oasis of the Seas it was!

Amy, Zack and Jeremy Roloff were there too from the show Little People Big World. I had no idea they would be there but I guess they were on a celebrity cruise for Amy, but Jeremy and Zack didn’t act like it.

I thought it was cool at first but not for long because I soon realized they are jerks. I talked to Amy once, she was nice. My parents had a long talk with her. They liked her. She seemed cool. A friend of hers Gail, was my favorite. She was a super nice lady.

Jeremy and Zack are not nice. They are jerks. They were nothing like I thought they would be from watching their show. I thought they would be normal and down to earth cool. They are not at all. They are rich snobs that make fun of people, talk behind peoples backs and act like they are so much better.

They had a signing for a couple of hours near the end, the picture at 1:48 is from it, but mostly I saw them around the cruise all the time.

They are so fake. If someone came up to them they would half smile and say hi. Then they walk away and make fun of people. My family was at the table behind them once when they were doing it. By the way, Jeremy is very LOUD when he is being his real self. I also heard them talk by the elevators too.

Almost everytime I saw Jeremy, a brown haired girl he met on the cruise was with him. She is the girl in the picture at 0:38 They were very cozy with each other and giggling like couples do. She is nice looking and she’s rich. I heard it was their 24th cruise or something. Trust me, you can tell who lives in the cruise world all the time and who doesn’t. That’s what the Roloffs flock to, at least Jeremy and Zack. Amy seemed cool.

That’s what I have to say about the Roloffs. Amy was nice, but Jeremy and Zack are douchebags. They act like there are two classes. They act like they were born to be apart of the upity privileged crowd. They obviously forget they weren’t and only were on the cruise because normal people think they are down to earth regular working people. I’m not rich and didn’t fit in with a lot of the people who do the cruises all the time like Jeremy’s girlfriend seems to. Then again I’m not white and Jeremy has said a bunch of racist stuff before so…

Jeremy and Zack act like they are so much better, like they are way up there and other people down there. They hang out with the rich and the beautiful. I think it’s a joke how their show is supposed to be about not judging people on looks and appearances and to look inside. They are only interested in hanging out with the rich and the pretty people. They gave me the “oh hi…you’re nothing and now go away” attitude. Now that I know what they are like I will never watch their fake show again.

Someone was asking me what about the Haiti relief trip? I didn’t even know anything about it. Lol. Nobody in my family knew and neither did any of the other people I talked to. We docked in Labadee, Haiti on the beach. It was really nice. Some people did some water sports. I don’t know if the Roloffs did something on their own, but the rest of the ship didn’t. Whatever they did it couldn’t have been for long. We docked in Haiti in the morning and left, I don’t know 5 or 6, in the evening.

That’s my advice. If you can ever afford to go on the Oasis of the Seas, do it. It was awesome. There is so much to do. It has a whole city on the ship and everything is beautiful. But it is super expensive. Most of the costs to do things aren’t included. The service is great, but you’re expected to tip huge and after 7 days it adds up. Unless someone in my family wins, the lottery I won’t be going on it again! Just try to make sure you don’t go with spoiled brats from a fake reality tv show because Jeremy and Zack Roloff are jerks.


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One Response to “Jeremy Roloff caught being a jerk…again”

  1. Tim Says:

    I would cut them some slack. Imagine a childhood spent being followed around by cameras and people you don’t even know holding such high expectations of you.

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