The Roloffs are coming back…oh great – Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff together again…well, they never parted!

The media whores known as the Roloff family are coming back to TV! Yes the same people that used to arrogantly say they didn’t do the show to be celebrities or for the money begged and clawed there way back to whatever TLC would give them.Less than a year of being off tv, the Roloffs can’t live without some TLC money and attention.

According to people and sites that know more than me, after failing to convince TLC to give them a free vacation to somewhere huge like Australia, TLC is filming them at the LPA party in Anaheim.

Everyone’s favorite bigoted animal abusing lying hypocrite jerk (Jeremy Roloff), brought his security blanket as predicted. Yep yep yep. Jacob Mueller went with Jeremy.

Seriously, what is up with that? 21 years old and they can’t spend 2 days apart. Everywhere Jeremy goes, he needs to take Mueller. The rare time Mueller didn’t go with him, all Jeremy did was whine about how he wished Mueller was with him.

Btw, AWESOME detailed information article about Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff from the Spiritswander blog. A must read with lots of info about Mueller:


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