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Jeremy Roloff: He’s known as a douche bag bigot jerk…with a cute ass?

July 7, 2010

Ha. This was classic.

Jeremy and his mom and brother have been doing what Roloffs always do. Scam free vacations by trying to make it look like they are helping or doing charity work.

They pranced around on the Biggest Cruise ship in the world. It had one stop in Haiti. The Roloffs pretended like the whole cruise was to help Haita.

Only the Roloffs would sink so low that they try to make a lavish vacation into a charity event that they can get praised for. But that’s apparently what Christians like the Roloffs do.

The good part! Some girl that was also taking her vacation (and unlike the Roloffs, she called it a vacation, not a charity trip! LOL) took pictures of said douche bag Jeremy Roloff.

A summary of the reaction by the most popular Roloff blog:

I’ll summarize. That is Jeremy Roloff’s reputation. Congratulations 20 year old Jeremy be proud. lol. Nearly everybody thinks Jeremy is top notch douche bag. Most people don’t like him because they don’t like racists, homophobes and bigots that don’t even have the balls to apologize and man up to it. The only thing people can say other than that they don’t like him because he’s a jerk is that they like his ass.

Most people hate Jeremy because he’s a bigot, a racist and homophobe. An overall douche bag that insults his own fans and thinks nothing of lying constantly, but still acts like he is a moral Christian living for Jesus.

The only positive thing anyone can ever say about Jeremy is that they like his ass. Seriously you know you fail as a person when the only positive thing people can say about you is “I like the way his butt looks”.

Be proud Jeremy Roloff. That’s what you mean to the world. A bigoted jerk, known for trashing people and lying and hiding behind daddy for everything, but hey, people think you have a cute butt. Be proud Jer Bear!

Jeremy Roloff's's the only positive thing anyone ever says about this douche bag jerk


Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer Racist and gay bashing comments

November 22, 2008

In my earlier post, vicky posted a comment. I decided to respond with a new post. Thank you for the comment, by the way, even though we disagree. You’re civil and I enjoyed reading your opinion.

Hi Vicky. I don’t think any of those friends of Jeremy are gay. If one is, they certainly aren’t “out”. It is a uber-Christian school and as you said there is the religious factor. I actually just a read an article about Amy Roloff supporting Focus on the Family. That says it all about their feelings on homsexuality.

I think you’re giving Jeremy far too much credit. I don’t think he’s accepting at all (or any of the Roloffs the more we learn about them) at people that are different from what they are and what they believe. I think TLC hides the extreme views of their reality family because they don’t want to alienate a segment of their audience.

Vicky, I have a guess that you think Jeremy would be accepting because of his image on the show and his experience with dwarfism and that difference? I think that’s why people in general have been disappointed about as they learned more about Jeremy Roloff. He should be more accepting because of his experience, but is not.

To that point, that’s why I don’t accept “he’s a teenager” as an excuse for him to say “fa*gg*t” and mock gay people. Jeremy as a teenager not only knows that “midget” is wrong and hurtful, but claims to actually confront people that use it. He made that statement (about the hurt the word “midget” causes) when he was 16.

Honestly Vicky, and you seem like a reasonable person, if Jeremy is old and mature enough to understand that people with dwarfism have feelings and deserve to be respected, not ridiculed, don’t you think Jeremy is old enough to know that the N word and F*ggot are not acceptable and it’s not nice to mock gay people just like he wouldn’t approve of people that mock his family members for having dwarfism?

Lastly Vicky, I don’t think it’s true that every teen says racist and homophobic things. But if Jeremy simply made a “mistake” that went on for many years and most likely is still going on, if he felt bad about what he said he would have simply apologized and said he learned his lesson and will stop. He didn’t do that. Jeremy didn’t even apologize. He didn’t say he was wrong. He didn’t explain at all.

I don’t think Jeremy is stupid. I think he knows “fagg*t” is insulting towards gay people and I think Jeremy knows that it’s nice to mock people for being different than he is. He did those things. He said those things. And even after it landed him in the National Enquirer as a “Bigot”, he didn’t even say he was sorry.

I don’t think anyone should let Jeremy Roloff off the hook for it when he didn’t even apologize or admit that he was wrong.

Jeremy Roloff is 18 and half years old

November 22, 2008

I was reading a discussion yesterday about Matt Roloff answering screened questions on his official site.  It was a telephone interview. One of the questions was about Jeremy, he walked in and supposedly said he wants to answer questions about himself (of course he wasn’t asked about the elephant in the room – his appearance in the National Enquirer for using racist language and called a gay bashing bigot).

Anyhow – Jeremy’s statement about speaking for himself was interesting because, well, he hasn’t. Ever. Jeremy is famous for not answering anything. He didn’t even address the National Enquirer article himself. His dad did.

It got me thinking. Jeremy Roloff is not Jacob Roloff. He is not 11 years old. Imagine being almost 19 years old and still having your daddy speak for you – because you’re either afraid to or can’t without being a jerk and winding up in the National Enquirer.

In the past, I’ve seen friends of Jeremy Roloff attempt to defend Jeremy’s gay bashing terms or his mocking of gays. But never Jeremy himself. Even after Jeremy landed himself in the National Enquirer, again it is Daddy to the rescue.

Man, he’s going to be 19 years old in a few months. It’s about time to start speaking for himself and being accountable. I don’t know if Jeremy’s statement about answering for himself is a new change in direction or an isolated comment because  this telephone interview was through a screened moderator who is basically a Matt Roloff employee.

I wonder if he’s starting to feel some embarrassment over being as old as he is and still not speaking for himself and that’s why he said what he did in that “interview”.