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Why Jeremy Roloff is such a spoiled baby at 20 years old

April 10, 2010

I saw a great story and messaged with the guy who posted that. LintonsLint on IMDB or Chris Linton on Facebook. Everything he said is totally on the money.

It explains why Jeremy is such a pampered spoiled prince. Jeremy and his band of butt kissers.

Btw, Jeremy Roloff is 20 years old next month. He still doesn’t speak for himself. He still hides behind daddy while collecting a paycheck. Is there a more coddled and babied 20 year old than Jeremy Roloff?

Like Chris says, Jeremy “Praise Jesus” Roloff lies too. So many lies. He disses, insults and lies to his fans by saying he doesn’t use computers, but guess what. Surprise, yeah he does use computers!!! He’s a liar because he’s a proud Christian and Christians are the biggest liars. Jesus shouldn’t have been such a damn liar.


Chris Linton:

This is seriously the best! Truly pathetic.

This is one hundred percent true.

I begin my story on Facebook. Like two years ago, in my charming sarcastic way, I posted something on a Jeremy Roloff Facebook group about Jer drinking.

Sometime after that, this dude that I’ll call Mark, because that is his name, sends me a friends request. I don’t see the connection at all, but whatever. I’m a nice guy. Someone wants to be my friend? I make people happy! I add the dude.

After way too long, I figure out that this guy is with the show or was once with the show. He posts pictures of the Roloffs off the internet in albums called “My Friends”. He lists the production company as his employer. He might be a security utility dude that pushes people out of the way when they’re filming. He seems to talk with the Roloffs about not having seen them in a long time, maybe he used to with the show….idk.

I asked him once why HE added ME since I have my own unique posting style on Jeremy, I didn’t expect that to entice Jeremy’s friends from the show to want to be friends with me, but he never answered. Whatever, it’s Facebook friends. Not a big deal.

Now the story picks up!!!!!

I don’t want to confuse my IMDB friends so from this point on, only what appears in Bold is what was posted on Facebook. The rest is what I was really thinking and my commentary for you here.

About a week ago, this Mark dude posts pics of the Roloffs in His “My Friends” album. They were the paparazzi pics that everybody has seen from Hawaii. This dude captioned the picture of Jeremy standing on the board in the ocean as

“This is a great shot. I thought you might want it.”

Then the boy wonder, who doesn’t use computers, oops. Posted a comment!

Jeremy: hahh how’d you get this? who took this.. WHAT

Being the nice guy that I am, seeing our confused TV star, knowing the answer myself by surfing this board, I jumped into action! I posted:

Chris Linton: Welcome to the papparazzi, you might be famous, dude 🙂
I thought you were all posing, pretending not to see them.

Note to my IMDB Friends. We all saw the pics of Ma and Pa Roloff. Smiling and splashing and kicking water at each other while some big paparazzi dude snaps pics of them. It *looked* staged to me. The old “I know somebody is snapping pics of me so I’m going to look ultra happy” vibe was going on.
Then the charming Jeremy replies to my comment a few minutes later:

you thought so? hmm. nuts

Now, between you – my IMDB friends and me, I thought this was typical arrogant and smug Jeremy. He’s claiming I’m wrong, but it expresses it as “nuts”. Whatever. I’m a big boy. I knew the guy was not Mr. Manners. I let it go.


Dude Mark comes back from being on the “road” to see the little conversation between me and the Jer-Bear!

He posts this!!!!

Mark: this is not the place to blast my good friends, if you feel like you must comment in the neg i feel sorry for you. I am sorry for that Jer. I am on the rode but deleat him from my friend list.


That was “BLASTING” Jeremy???? Saying I thought he knew they were taking pictures of him. Maybe I was wrong or maybe the JerBear was lying again, but even so, that counts as BLASTING Jeremy! I am to feel shame for my comment!?!?

And dude Mark apologized to Jeremy!!!! And begs for forgiveness from the Jer Bear!

Then he put me in my place by deleting me! Well, I’ll get over the rejection after some therapy.

Seriously dudes and dudettes! How totally pathetic is that? This very little story is a real life example of why Jeremy is the man-child that he is today. The people who surround him, rush to protect him like he is some fragile baby boy. The dude will be 20 next month! The poor Jer-Bear reads one comment that isn’t telling him how awesome he is, a simple I thought you knew the camera was there (I could have been a dick if I wanted, but I really was being polite!). Jeremy posts a smug comment calling me nuts, hurting my feelings 😦 in the process, but I am the bigger man! I make no rude comments in response. But! His friends come rushing in on their white horses to protect him as though he was viciously assaulted and apologize to him!

I think my little brush with Jeremy is a small microcosm of why Jeremy James Roloff is so infantile. Everyone around him treats him like he is a little baby boy.