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Jeremy Roloff: He’s known as a douche bag bigot jerk…with a cute ass?

July 7, 2010

Ha. This was classic.

Jeremy and his mom and brother have been doing what Roloffs always do. Scam free vacations by trying to make it look like they are helping or doing charity work.

They pranced around on the Biggest Cruise ship in the world. It had one stop in Haiti. The Roloffs pretended like the whole cruise was to help Haita.

Only the Roloffs would sink so low that they try to make a lavish vacation into a charity event that they can get praised for. But that’s apparently what Christians like the Roloffs do.

The good part! Some girl that was also taking her vacation (and unlike the Roloffs, she called it a vacation, not a charity trip! LOL) took pictures of said douche bag Jeremy Roloff.

A summary of the reaction by the most popular Roloff blog:

I’ll summarize. That is Jeremy Roloff’s reputation. Congratulations 20 year old Jeremy be proud. lol. Nearly everybody thinks Jeremy is top notch douche bag. Most people don’t like him because they don’t like racists, homophobes and bigots that don’t even have the balls to apologize and man up to it. The only thing people can say other than that they don’t like him because he’s a jerk is that they like his ass.

Most people hate Jeremy because he’s a bigot, a racist and homophobe. An overall douche bag that insults his own fans and thinks nothing of lying constantly, but still acts like he is a moral Christian living for Jesus.

The only positive thing anyone can ever say about Jeremy is that they like his ass. Seriously you know you fail as a person when the only positive thing people can say about you is “I like the way his butt looks”.

Be proud Jeremy Roloff. That’s what you mean to the world. A bigoted jerk, known for trashing people and lying and hiding behind daddy for everything, but hey, people think you have a cute butt. Be proud Jer Bear!

Jeremy Roloff's's the only positive thing anyone ever says about this douche bag jerk


Everyones favorite reality tv show shirtless jerk and hypocrite, Jeremy Roloff is now 20

June 20, 2010

Jeremy Roloff is 20 years old now. He’s not been a teenager for over a month now. Let me assess where he is in life.

He is exactly where he was when he was 18 and for that matter, when he was 16, 14 12 and 10 years old.

Sad but true. A day in the life of Jeremy James Roloff is a lil bit of school and then he plays like a 10 year old.

I’m not being sarcastic either. At 20 that is Jeremy Roloff’s life. A little bit of community college and play time with friends. No job. Just free time everyday playing video games, making fires, going hiking, playing soccer (not competitively though because that would take work and when things get tough Jeremy quits). No job, just a slacker.

You can argue that LPBW is a job. He makes easy money. Very true. For that, something he gets paid and has full control of signing the contract, he takes on no responsibility. He has much responsibility as 13 year old brother Jacob Roloff.

Jeremy still completely ignores and insults his own  fans behind their backs (who btw I must say are the stupidest people in the world to like such a jerk who has been caught saying they “suck the unsuckable”).

That is where Jeremy Roloff is at age 20. Taking the easy way. Coasting on this free ride that daddy Matt Roloff has set up – sliding by at being lazy because his parents and Zach have dwarfism. Playing like a child without any work on his own because it’s easy and the selfish thing to do.

All that and combine that with his actions that have earned him a reputation for being racist gay bashing bigot and guy who insults his own fans that have enabled his lifestyle of lazy self-indulgence, a known hypocrite and liar. The only positive thing that anyone ever says about him or the only reason why he even has “fans” or anyone who doesn’t see him for what he really is, is people who think he’s “cute”. And that ain’t no accomplishment either.

That is how Jeremy James Roloff is at 20 years old.  A slacker that trots around trying to be shirtless eye candy. He can’t even successfully do that by showing any responsibility by supporting his “job” by creating some goodwill with the fans of he show.

At 20, he’s still not responsible enough in his parents or employer’s (Discovery TLC) eyes to speak for himself.

Jeremy Roloff always does what is easy and what is fun for Jeremy Roloff. That’s why Jeremy at 20 is sitting home in his messy room, relying on mommy to wake him up,  cook his breakfast (in absence of Amy, it’s a private cook) while he sits on the couch scratching himself and then ventures out to play with his playmate friends as though he was a wee little child.

20 year old Jeremy Roloff. Living at home in his room, with no job, scratching himself on the couch. This will be followed by Jeremy playing with his friends like a 10 year old.

New Season of Little People Big World, same old Jeremy Roloff

April 11, 2010

The days of watching “Little People Big World” for any legitimate or good reasons are long gone.

It’s only fun to count the number of lies and untruths the Roloffs, self-proclaimed Christians, tell fans through the show and to see how much of a selfish fraud Jeremy Roloff is from show to show.

I watched last Monday for the return. What a laugh.  Here is a good review.

My comment? The lies. Jeremy and Zach “ALONE”? They have a freaking camera crew. They have a Producer. By the name, what do you think the Producer is doing? Producing. By telling them where to stand, where to go, what to talk about.

The Roloffs being Jesus praising Christians, don’t mind lying. They spent the show pretending like it was all up Jeremy and Zach to fend for themselves, to find the right train, and oh no! What if they got separated?? Duh, the producer and camera crew might not let that happen. This is “reality tv” and Jesus commands the Roloffs to lie. They lie throughout the show about being “alone”.

Getting past the lie about them being alone, Jeremy gets the edit as the good adventurous twin, but it made me loath the jerk even more,

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure Zach is a spoiled jerk because of the show in his own right, but Jeremy Roloff grates on me.

How many times was Jeremy shown walking 15 feet in front of Zach? This is supposed to show how Zach isn’t into the trip or some BS tension building between them.

What about this theory? A wise man once said the most obvious answer is often the correct answer. Zach is a dwarf!!!! Jeremy is not. Maybe Zach can’t walk around Europe carrying a back pack as quickly as Jeremy and Jeremy is too self-asorbed to ever think of that and wait.

All thru the show Jeremy is credited for saying “I’m trying to get Zach out of his comfort zone”.  I’m not surprised. Jeremy thinks everyone should do what he does and be like him. Where is the scene when Jeremy is out of his comfort zone?

Despite all the “drama” talked about, Zach does whatever Jeremy wants. Remember back a couple of years Jeremy told Kirsten he wanted Zach to go to the dance with them, not because Zach would enjoy it, but because Zach does whatever JerBear wants. Nothing has changed.

Zach wears kilts. Zach eats where Jeremy wants to eat. Zach drinks beer. Btw, laughable. Like we’re supposed to be these two aren’t used to drinking….anyone who believes that needs a real reality check.

Jeremy whines to the camera trying to be adorable about how sad it is that Zach slept for a couple of hours after being up 36 hours (if you can believe anything on this fake and staged show) he walked around the streets alone.

Later after Zach is supposedly not thrilled about the red light district in Amsterdam, Jeremy in another moment of Jer the great family man, whines about not having Mueller with him.

Jeremy Roloff whining that he'd rather vacation with Mueller than his own brother

Because Jeremy and Mueller can’t bear to be apart ever. Jeremy needs Mueller by his side and vice versa or else they can’t have a good time on their free vacations.

Much to my dismay it seems like some people fell for this episode and think Jeremy was great because Zach should be more like Jeremy. Oh that’s great. Praise Jeremy for wanting someone to only do what he wants to do and for having a personality that differs from Jer.

Btw all the Jeremy fans and there is only one reason why there is even such  a thing as a “jeremy fan” people think he’s hot because there is nothing else for a fan to like about a guy who insults his own fans and ignores and disrespects  them more than anyone possible could. There was the obligatory, Jeremy Roloff in a towel scene. Wanna make a bet that Jeremy arranges these scenes? We all know he has the ego.

Btw, the JerBear is getting buffed up ain’t he? Hmmmm………………

Jeremy Roloff’s friend Jacob Mueller did not graduate high school with the rest.

January 29, 2010

I saw the season finale of Little People Big World….it’s funny how life has a way of coming back to bite people in the butt.

Everyone’s favorite racist spewing, homophobic bigoted self-centered TV star, Jeremy Roloff, a couple of years ago insulted people who work at places like pumping gas. That was pretty ballsy for a guy who gets woken up by his mommy and has never worked for anybody but daddy and collects a pay check for playing himself on camera and telling lies in a book and by being a trademark Christian hypocrite,

When he insulted the gas pumpers, he said they were dumb high school drop outs. This was when Jeremy didn’t know how to pump gas….he said Oregon was nice because you pull in and dumb high school drop outs pump gas for you.

How delicious was it to find out that Jeremy’s best friend forever, the guy he can’t go a day without seeing, his partner in spewing slurs and bashing his own fans that make all the stuff they do a reality, Jacob Mueller, failed high school. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!

There was Jacob Mueller sitting up in the rafters during graduation ceremony. LOL!  Jeremy said it was a “bummer because Mueller didn’t get to graduate with me because he couldn’t get his grades up”.

Ain’t that delicious? Jeremy and Mueller spend their lives making fun of other people and dish out the insults and then Mueller falls into the group who gets the most shame….people who fail high school. Ha!

The lesson is don’t be an asshole to people and maybe people won’t be so quick to laugh their ass at your failings and you better watch what you say because you or your best friend might not be any better than the people you’re insulting and making fun of.

This is a cool and informative site about the jerks known as Jeremy and Mueller.

Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff – Best friends, they’re Christian bigots. Ridicule fans, spew racial and homophobic bigotry together, slack through life together.