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Matt Roloff and TLC health scare and collapsing hoax

June 19, 2010

So those Christian Roloffs were at it again. Lying and tricking and deceiving people again in search of higher ratings. That ultimately means more money for themselves.

The Roloffs like to pretend that their show is about education. Seriously what they’ve taught me is that most Christians like the Roloffs deseparately lack morals, character, honesty and overall, they suck as people.

Do Christians like the Roloffs believe that Jesus Christ would sit back and laugh with them as they trick stupid people who trust them into getting all upset worrying whether Matt Roloff is ok? That’s an example of Christian values apparently.

I’m of course talking about the lowlife season finale of Little People Big World. For the entire episode Matt goes on and on about his death. Then in a laughable and lowlife scene, they end the season with Matt on the floor and Golden Boy Jeremy standing over him in monoton voice “Dad? Hey Dad?”

Then stupid people that believed the Roloffs when they say the show is real, rushed online to check if Matt had a heart attack and died.

For more details the Washington Post explains how TLC and the Roloffs played out the death angle

If you are still a concerned moron and haven’t heard, you were played for a fool by the Roloff family and TLC. Matt is fine and always has been. It was a little dizzy spell that happened over a year ago…well, that comes from Matt and one thing anyone should have learned by now is Roloffs lie a lot and do not tell the truth.

This site explains how Matt’s collapse scene happened over a year ago.

Do you get it? It was before everything you watched on the show for the past year. Before their around the world trip to Europe and Molly’s birthday and the tired old pumpkin season stuff. It was at the beginning of summer of 2009. That’s two thousand and NINE!.

The Roloffs and TLC then decide to play it out by leaving that to the very end as a cliff hanger after having the episode littered with Matt talking about dying.

Isn’t that nice and moral of the Roloffs? Lets lie and trick and deceive people into thinking Matt was in peril!

Also I’d make a bet that the scene was staged or re-staged. The Roloffs suck as actors and no way does any normal human being react like that to finding someone on the floor. I’m still ROFLMAO at Molly’s uber fake “Fatherrrrrrrrrrr?????????”

And poor golden boy Jer-bear. He can’t muster up any emotion for the staged scene. Maybe that’s why his once rumored modeling career never amounted to anything. I thought he was going to poke Matt with a stick to see if he was alive. LOL!

The great hoax that TLC and the Roloff pulled off as they’re getting more attention by tricking people into thinking Matt had a heart attack than they’ve had in years. All from a little dizzy spell?? What’s next? Jeremy gets a paper cut (I don’t know what from, he wouldn’t be near a book, he must have fun playing like a 10 year old!) and they make it look like he was stabbed? That will probably be the season 6 finale!

By the way Roloff Family and Faith Bible friends: the whole stunt into worrying stupid fans was even more deplorable considering poor old Mike Detjen did die of a heart attack. You guys think it’s so funny into tricking people and portraying something as serious when it’s not?

That’s what the Roloffs are about as Christians, they make Jesus Christ proud by doing as Jesus and sacrificing any morals they must have to do any trick and stunt and tasteless cliffhangers for tv ratings and attention. But hey the Roloffs are the people that have Jeremy saying N*gger and Fagg*t” and don’t even apologize or care. Thanks Roloffs for teaching me how to be Christ like…if that’s the way Christians live, I am very glad that I’m not a Chrisitan.

Christians need a lesson in morals, character, honesty, kindness and goodness.


New Season of Little People Big World, same old Jeremy Roloff

April 11, 2010

The days of watching “Little People Big World” for any legitimate or good reasons are long gone.

It’s only fun to count the number of lies and untruths the Roloffs, self-proclaimed Christians, tell fans through the show and to see how much of a selfish fraud Jeremy Roloff is from show to show.

I watched last Monday for the return. What a laugh.  Here is a good review.

My comment? The lies. Jeremy and Zach “ALONE”? They have a freaking camera crew. They have a Producer. By the name, what do you think the Producer is doing? Producing. By telling them where to stand, where to go, what to talk about.

The Roloffs being Jesus praising Christians, don’t mind lying. They spent the show pretending like it was all up Jeremy and Zach to fend for themselves, to find the right train, and oh no! What if they got separated?? Duh, the producer and camera crew might not let that happen. This is “reality tv” and Jesus commands the Roloffs to lie. They lie throughout the show about being “alone”.

Getting past the lie about them being alone, Jeremy gets the edit as the good adventurous twin, but it made me loath the jerk even more,

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure Zach is a spoiled jerk because of the show in his own right, but Jeremy Roloff grates on me.

How many times was Jeremy shown walking 15 feet in front of Zach? This is supposed to show how Zach isn’t into the trip or some BS tension building between them.

What about this theory? A wise man once said the most obvious answer is often the correct answer. Zach is a dwarf!!!! Jeremy is not. Maybe Zach can’t walk around Europe carrying a back pack as quickly as Jeremy and Jeremy is too self-asorbed to ever think of that and wait.

All thru the show Jeremy is credited for saying “I’m trying to get Zach out of his comfort zone”.  I’m not surprised. Jeremy thinks everyone should do what he does and be like him. Where is the scene when Jeremy is out of his comfort zone?

Despite all the “drama” talked about, Zach does whatever Jeremy wants. Remember back a couple of years Jeremy told Kirsten he wanted Zach to go to the dance with them, not because Zach would enjoy it, but because Zach does whatever JerBear wants. Nothing has changed.

Zach wears kilts. Zach eats where Jeremy wants to eat. Zach drinks beer. Btw, laughable. Like we’re supposed to be these two aren’t used to drinking….anyone who believes that needs a real reality check.

Jeremy whines to the camera trying to be adorable about how sad it is that Zach slept for a couple of hours after being up 36 hours (if you can believe anything on this fake and staged show) he walked around the streets alone.

Later after Zach is supposedly not thrilled about the red light district in Amsterdam, Jeremy in another moment of Jer the great family man, whines about not having Mueller with him.

Jeremy Roloff whining that he'd rather vacation with Mueller than his own brother

Because Jeremy and Mueller can’t bear to be apart ever. Jeremy needs Mueller by his side and vice versa or else they can’t have a good time on their free vacations.

Much to my dismay it seems like some people fell for this episode and think Jeremy was great because Zach should be more like Jeremy. Oh that’s great. Praise Jeremy for wanting someone to only do what he wants to do and for having a personality that differs from Jer.

Btw all the Jeremy fans and there is only one reason why there is even such  a thing as a “jeremy fan” people think he’s hot because there is nothing else for a fan to like about a guy who insults his own fans and ignores and disrespects  them more than anyone possible could. There was the obligatory, Jeremy Roloff in a towel scene. Wanna make a bet that Jeremy arranges these scenes? We all know he has the ego.

Btw, the JerBear is getting buffed up ain’t he? Hmmmm………………

A good Roloff blog

December 7, 2008

I found an interesting Roloff blog here with a lot of Jeremy Roloff news.

I have to say that picture of Sarah is really nice 🙂

Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer Racist and gay bashing comments

November 22, 2008

In my earlier post, vicky posted a comment. I decided to respond with a new post. Thank you for the comment, by the way, even though we disagree. You’re civil and I enjoyed reading your opinion.

Hi Vicky. I don’t think any of those friends of Jeremy are gay. If one is, they certainly aren’t “out”. It is a uber-Christian school and as you said there is the religious factor. I actually just a read an article about Amy Roloff supporting Focus on the Family. That says it all about their feelings on homsexuality.

I think you’re giving Jeremy far too much credit. I don’t think he’s accepting at all (or any of the Roloffs the more we learn about them) at people that are different from what they are and what they believe. I think TLC hides the extreme views of their reality family because they don’t want to alienate a segment of their audience.

Vicky, I have a guess that you think Jeremy would be accepting because of his image on the show and his experience with dwarfism and that difference? I think that’s why people in general have been disappointed about as they learned more about Jeremy Roloff. He should be more accepting because of his experience, but is not.

To that point, that’s why I don’t accept “he’s a teenager” as an excuse for him to say “fa*gg*t” and mock gay people. Jeremy as a teenager not only knows that “midget” is wrong and hurtful, but claims to actually confront people that use it. He made that statement (about the hurt the word “midget” causes) when he was 16.

Honestly Vicky, and you seem like a reasonable person, if Jeremy is old and mature enough to understand that people with dwarfism have feelings and deserve to be respected, not ridiculed, don’t you think Jeremy is old enough to know that the N word and F*ggot are not acceptable and it’s not nice to mock gay people just like he wouldn’t approve of people that mock his family members for having dwarfism?

Lastly Vicky, I don’t think it’s true that every teen says racist and homophobic things. But if Jeremy simply made a “mistake” that went on for many years and most likely is still going on, if he felt bad about what he said he would have simply apologized and said he learned his lesson and will stop. He didn’t do that. Jeremy didn’t even apologize. He didn’t say he was wrong. He didn’t explain at all.

I don’t think Jeremy is stupid. I think he knows “fagg*t” is insulting towards gay people and I think Jeremy knows that it’s nice to mock people for being different than he is. He did those things. He said those things. And even after it landed him in the National Enquirer as a “Bigot”, he didn’t even say he was sorry.

I don’t think anyone should let Jeremy Roloff off the hook for it when he didn’t even apologize or admit that he was wrong.

Jeremy Roloff is 18 and half years old

November 22, 2008

I was reading a discussion yesterday about Matt Roloff answering screened questions on his official site.  It was a telephone interview. One of the questions was about Jeremy, he walked in and supposedly said he wants to answer questions about himself (of course he wasn’t asked about the elephant in the room – his appearance in the National Enquirer for using racist language and called a gay bashing bigot).

Anyhow – Jeremy’s statement about speaking for himself was interesting because, well, he hasn’t. Ever. Jeremy is famous for not answering anything. He didn’t even address the National Enquirer article himself. His dad did.

It got me thinking. Jeremy Roloff is not Jacob Roloff. He is not 11 years old. Imagine being almost 19 years old and still having your daddy speak for you – because you’re either afraid to or can’t without being a jerk and winding up in the National Enquirer.

In the past, I’ve seen friends of Jeremy Roloff attempt to defend Jeremy’s gay bashing terms or his mocking of gays. But never Jeremy himself. Even after Jeremy landed himself in the National Enquirer, again it is Daddy to the rescue.

Man, he’s going to be 19 years old in a few months. It’s about time to start speaking for himself and being accountable. I don’t know if Jeremy’s statement about answering for himself is a new change in direction or an isolated comment because  this telephone interview was through a screened moderator who is basically a Matt Roloff employee.

I wonder if he’s starting to feel some embarrassment over being as old as he is and still not speaking for himself and that’s why he said what he did in that “interview”.

Little People Big World – Roloff family farm – ‘OMG I saw Jeremy Roloff!’ – I don’t get it…

October 19, 2008

I was talking to Lisa today (who is a little person), I found out she doesn’t like the show Little People, Big World. I guess it’s a misconception that all Little people think the Roloffs are the Royal family of Little People and admired by all. As she said, how would you like it if Paris Hilton was claiming to be the representative of all average-sized people? That’s what got us discussing the Roloff family.

I don’t understand fandom. Every October the Roloffs open their farm up to the public, on the record they do it for “pumpkins” (gotta pretend to be a farm), but they charge money for tours, they have a store of merchandise. they sell – including jars of Roloff dirt. I’m not kidding. 

People go there by the thousands hoping to get a picture with a precious Roloff. They’ll report “Wow! I saw Jeremy Roloff in the distance!!!”

Why? They haven’t even done anything to admire. Especially the kids.  What is so amazing about seeing them?

What is really pathetic about the entire thing is how fake it is. The kids will smile and shake hands to the public, than they go back to their nasty group of friends and talk about how the people that just paid money and spent hours at the Farm are idiots and how much they think the fans “suck” . Jeremy Roloff alone has more vintage vehicles than a lot of American families and he’s 18 years old. Talk about biting the hands that feeds.

I just wish people would see them for what they are. Frauds. Jeremy Roloff is a nasty kid that uses slurs like the N word, “beaner”,  gay slurs and trashes his fans. In public, they smile and talk about tolerance. With their friends, Jeremy Roloff is a nasty, obnoxious brat.

Why do people go and actually have excitement when or if they see this brat? He’s nothing to admire. He’s a phony. He uses racist and homophobic language. He trashes his own fans. He’s gotten rich from it. It really is terrible.

I think the whole Matt in Iraq theme to open up the fourth season of Little People, Big World was to generate some good publicity after a summer of scandal for the Roloffs. It’s hard for people to say something bad about seeing poor little suffering children who are still smiling in a war-torn place like Iraq.

People watch that thinking the Roloff’s should be knighted and they line up for hours just to get a glimpse of an 18 year old spoiled brat that uses racist language and mocking gays and insulting the very people that make his rich lifestyle possible,. It’s really pathetic. They should be ashamed of themselves. I used to think Amy Roloff was cool, but not now knowing what a nasty son she has raised in Jeremy Roloff.